Monday, 26 May 2014

Girls Night Out

I'm a rubbish friend, and trust me I'm not exaggerating, my best pal Robyn will vouch for this, so I thought it was about time I met up with her and we went out for a drink. What was supposed to be a girl date turned into a large group of us going out, still not sure how that happened!

What started as a quiet night in Weatherspoons turned into a pub/club crawl around Merthyr.

I wore ridiculously high heels and got carried everywhere.

We had a really good night and it was so nice to see everyone! While they are all leaving school for university in September I'll be going a year later, as I have one year left in college. I'm really looking forward to visiting them all at universities across the country.

Things I learnt from my first night out clubbing...

1. Wear comfortable shoes. My poor feet are in agony today, some of the girls have blisters too.

2. Never, ever leave your drink unattended. There are lots of creeps who go out and spike peoples drinks. They don't care who you are, what responsibilities you have, they'll put something in your drink and it'll make you very ill. Luckily my mum has drilled this into my head so anytime I left my drink I would just buy a new one. Better safe than sorry. 

3. If in doubt, pretend to be lesbian. I'm serious, all guys in clubs seem to be trying to do is stick their tongue down your throat and no matter how much protesting you do they won't give up. When I found myself in this situation where a guy was following me round a club and trying to kiss me I grabbed Robyn and introduced her as my girlfriend, he couldn't believe it but it worked! (Obviously if someone's making you uncomfortable then ask a bouncer to remove them)

4. Don't do the rounds. By this I mean go round kissing anything that shows you abit of interest. Why? I have a friend, every time we go out she drinks to excess and last night I witnessed one of the most disturbing things I'd ever seen...after throwing up on the side of the road she followed us to the next club where she had one drink and 'did the rounds'. Moral of the story? You don't know where that persons mouth has been or what's been in it.

5. Stay together. The most terrifying thing I found about that night was loosing individuals in the dark, people wandering off and not being able to find them. If you get in a rough situation it's better to be in a group or a pair than on your own.

6. Pace yourself. I did this very well, as soon as I felt a 'sick' feeling in my stomach I stopped drinking alcohol all together. Woke up the next morning fresh as a daisy.

On June the 20th we're going to Cardiff, the capital of Wales. Wish me luck.

Anything you'd like to add? Any tips for clubbing?

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

What I've learnt about Relationships

What I've learnt about...relationships

1. Don't put that person at the centre of your world.

2. Don't miss opportunities because you're in a relationship.

3. Don't worry, enjoy the time you have, live day by day.

4. Make sure you're with the right person, if they're cheating on you all the time then probably not.

5. Don't ditch your friends because when your other half is gone you'll be left feeling pretty lonely.

6. Balance your relationship equally with everyone else.

7. Have regular nights with family and friends.

8. Spend time apart, a few days, a week..absence makes the heart grow fonder.

9. Take it slowwww, don't rush into talks about the future, kids, marriage...yuck.

10. Be completely honest with your partner.

11. But don't dump all your problems on your partner, they've got their own issues to worry about.

12. Never stop working on yourself, in a relationship you tend to get comfortable and slip into bad habits, never stop trying new things, reading books or stop your hobbies.

13. In arguments, step back, calm down and whatever you do just STOP, is the argument really worth loosing someone over? Probably not.

14. If you're prone to the green eyed monster disorder then just remember guys and girls can be friends WITHOUT anything going on.

15. If you don't want to be with someone LEAVE.

16. Mind games are never a good idea, if you love someone then you shouldn't play games, no matter what the situation.

I don't claim to be an expert, these are just some of the things I personally have discovered in my relationships.
Do you agree with these? Anything to add?

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