Friday, 29 May 2015

UPDATE || Camp America Goals

A day or two before I left for Camp I wrote myself a list of goals I wanted to complete before I came back and in this blog post I'm looking back at those goals, two and a half months later.

1. Eat something I've never eaten before.
I tried lobster, which I found to taste of salt water and nothing more. I also tried watermelon which I fell in love with in small doses, not sure I could eat a whole one in one sitting.

2. Participate in a sport. 
I got heavely involved in Camp activities and really enjoyed playing soccer, tennis and volleyball with the kids.

3. Swim in a lake/pond.
I failed my swimtest, oops, apparently you can forget how to swim. But I learnt to swim again during the summer. I also swam in multiple lakes.

4. Try something new.
I tried and fully enjoyed archery and ropes, two things I've never tried before. I enjoyed ropes so much I tackled a challenging ropes course on the road trip back to the airport. And as for archery, I'm going to book a course in it and carry it on as a hobby.

5. Keep fit.
I failed miserably at this, I ate all the cookies and all the sweets. I put on a stone and I never visited the gym once.

6. Help change atleast one campers summer. 
I managed to conquer homesickness! I cured two campers of home sickness several times during the summer.

7. Make friends. 
I made THE best friends ever at Camp, and I'm hoping to keep in touch with alot of them.

8. Make a fool out if myself.
I let them dress me up in rubbish...literally. I participated in Jell-O wrestling and painted my body.

9. Read and write.
I read alot more than I wrote.

10. Say 'YES' more.
I said YES to every opportunity and really enjoyed my time at Camp and I'm hoping to go back next year!!

Come on 9/10 is pretty good right?

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  1. Aw man, Camp looks amazing! What an opportunity :)
    I'd say 9/10 is a decent achievement ^.^

    Big hello from Cornwall, fellow Celt! :)

    Sarah xxo |


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