Tuesday, 9 September 2014


We're all familiar with bullying, whether you heard about a particular case on the news, whether you know someone who's been bullied or maybe you're even a bully yourself. Bullying is something I grew up with from a very young age, bullied for the way I looked and bullied for the colour of my hair.
I hadn't really thought back to those days in awhile until one morning I read an article about Simon Brooks a 15 year old boy who committed suicide because of bullying, he's not the first and he certainly won't be the last. Reading this article what struck me first was a comment made about Simons personality 'he refused to keep quiet and fit in' ding ding, that's when it hit me. People just don't like people who don't fit in, but why is that? 
Growing up I never had a group of friends I used to float from one group to another looking for that one 'best friend' everyone else had but I never found her/him. Instead I constantly clashed with other people over things like what bag I took to school or how I did my hair. I was picked on for the most stupid things and this wasn't even high school yet. The other kids still knew I was different not only because I was a ginger, freckly kid but because I wasn't afraid to speak up, ask questions or join in. I didn't realise I was any different until I was a few years into high school when my dad pointed it out.
I really hated school up until GCSE's because I just didn't get why people seemed to have a problem with how I looked. I'm thankful that my experience of bullying was only verbal and I had such good support from my parents but I feel like schools don't do enough to stop bullying, and bullying has proven to be a huge issue with at least half of the suicides among young people are related to bullying.
Someone needs to stand up and tackle bullying because I can promise anyone that once you leave school everything gets better and better.

My dad always reminded me that I only had a certain amount of time stuck with these people and then I'd be off doing what I wanted to do. And guess what? I am and I've left them all behind.


  1. I agree with you. Bullying needs to be stopped or something else needs to be implemented. I've heard and read so many people committing suicide because of someone else's words or actions. Its really sad. I wonder what the people who did that to the person is feeling knowing they are going to hold a guilt forever.

    I was bullied in school and hated for no reason, especially the last year of school. Best year of your school life, yeah right.

    1. I'm glad you agree with me. I'm sorry to hear you went through a similar experience to me but we got through it and we're evidence that things get better, ey!

  2. Great post Ffion, bullying is serious and CAN lead to suicide. I won't sit here and pretend I haven't thought about it myself, but you already know a bit of my past! You are a beautiful young lady, and I'm really proud that you fought through it. Just because you may not have fitted in with the rest of the other people doesn't mean they should have treated you any differently. I know we haven't even met (yet!), but I think you're really strong individual, and can do anything if you put your mind to it.

    Frankie x

  3. Great post honey. Bullying is annoying and pointless and I just don't see the point of it.. So glad they're out of your life by now :)



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