Wednesday, 8 October 2014

25 before 25

1.Camp America
If you've followed my blog for awhile then you'll know I spent the summer of 2014 living the dream working in America.

2, Skydiving
I've wanted to skydive for ages, I'm trying to raise money for MIND by doing it!

3. Visit Paris
I visited Paris on a school trip once. It wasn't great, but now I want to visit it again and make it great. There's something special about Paris that makes me want to explore!

4. Go to University
Taking 3 years to do A-Levels instead of two is really annoying and it sucks that all my friends are in university and I'm still stuck in college. 

5. Graduate University
It's pointless going to university if I'm not going to graduate with an acceptable degree!

6. Attend a blogger meet up.
I want to attend at least 5 blogger meet ups and at least two of those need to be in England.

7. Run a colour run/ Cancer research 5K
I want to do both of these. I've never been a huge runner but I feel like I need to do these things before I hit 25 or I'll never do them.

8. Visit Italy and write on Juliet's wall in Verona.
I want to go single, is that weird?

9. Take a roadtrip, anywhere.

10. Send a message in a bottle.

11. Continue blogging

12. Ride in a hot air balloon.

13. Go white water rafting.

14. Get business cards created for my blog.

15. Go on a cruise

16. Go to a gig.

17. Climb 3 mountains
Including Pen Y Fan.

18. Travel to some amazing places

19. Ride on the London eye

20. Go to a music festival

21. See the Grand Canyon

22. Dress up and attend Comic Con

23. Visit Australia

24. Get fit, like seriously

25. COMPLETE THIS LIST BY THE 23rd of October 2020.


  1. Love this!! Here's mine:

  2. I love this list. I'm 22 now and there are so many things I want to do before I turn 30.
    And don't worry about university. It does not matter what others do, as long as you are happy. Don't give up. Everything takes time :).


  3. Awesome list! I'm sure you'll manage the majority of these within the next 6 years :)
    I actually did a skydive for my 21st birthday to raise money for Monkey World in Dorset - it was mad!!
    Oh and when you mention a message in a bottle I remember my and my Mam found one on the beach a few years ago, it was written by a Swedish man! haha

    I'll look forward to reading posts about each of these points ;)


    1. That's so cool! I'd love to hear what the message in the bottle was!


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