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This post was inspired by a video created by Jana Vlogs called 'Why I'm A Femininst'.

Ok, so let's clarify what feminism means

''the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.''

NOT ''women who hate men'', thought I'd better just clear that up.

I am a feminist because I believe in gender equality and I believe women and men should have equal rights in society. I feel really strongly that no matter what sexual organ is between your legs you should be given the same opportunities. I believe not only should women in the United Kingdom have equal rights to men but also women around the world.

Some examples of gender inequality from around the world;

Education systems
In some countries girls are not ''allowed'' an education, they are kept home to do chores, or to be married off. Education is a powerful thing and as a believer in rights I believe every child, girl or boy should have the right to an education.

Political roles
The independent highlighted this year that there are 'lack of women' in parliament and this led me to question 'why?' Out of the 23 posts in David Cameron's cabinet 3 are women. After doing a little research into 'why?' there are lack of  women in parliament the concept that the behaviour of male MP's acting like ''gangs and bullies'' could have something to do with it.

In some countries young girls are forced to marry, these men could be twice or three times their age and these women have no choice. While men are able to marry and divorce as they please there is  alot less wiggle room for women. In some countries women don't have access to courts, in other countries automatic custody of children is granted to the men. Women can be trapped in loveless marriages with no way of getting out.

Let's talk about China for a moment and how in China a boy is more valuable than a girl. However this is not just a problem in China, in these countries that value boys more than girls parents can find out the gender of their child and if it's a little girl they abort or kill the child soon after it's birth. It's called a 'sex selected' abortion.

I am fully aware that anything that can happen to women in the form of rape or abuse can happen to men, however it has become well known in society that some place the blame for rape on the victim - female, because of....her behaviour, what she was wearing, where she was, what she said, who she was with. I watched an eye opening video on excuses men have given over the years for why if a women is raped it's here fault, you can watch it here

Professional barriers
We've all heard of the glass ceiling concept right? No? 
The glass ceiling is
''a political term used to describe "the unseen, yet unbreachable barrier that keeps minorities and women from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements."
Employers sometimes penalize women for having children and having to take time off work. Therefore they put men in their place who obviously won't need time off work to have children, HOWEVER this could change now due to the fact men and women can share maternity leave.
And then we have the issue of men being paid more than women for doing the same job.

Yes we've come along way in the U.K from women being able to choose what they wear, how much skin they show, having the right to vote etc but I still believe we have a long way to go.

I believe women are still perceived as objects in society, and that (some) men still believe that they have some magic super power that makes them better than women. No gentlemen, the ability to pee standing up is not as impressive as you may think.

I am a feminist and I do not hate men, however I very much dislike men who think they are better than women in any aspect of life. Women are not ''stupid'' and ''only good for cooking, cleaning and bedding''.

If we reversed the roles of men and women there would be up roar. Here's a good example of role reversal and if you look in the comments section of this video there are lots of comments from very unhappy men. It's a Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines parody.

*This post is not targeting anyone in particular and is not meant to come across to men or women, this is my own personal opinion*

What are your thoughts? Are you a feminist?
Are you a guy with an opinion on this subject? Leave a comment.

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  1. I tend to flavour more of a humanist stance than a feminist one, although I can understand and appreciate the feminist cause. For me, I see the need for equality across the board, whether your female or male, whatever your race, your age, your sexual orientation. I think feminism somewhat limits and hurts itself by sometimes neglecting the effects patriarchy has upon men - the need to be strong, machismo, being the breadwinner, of not staying home and looking after the kids or how we don't like to really talk about domestic abuse inflicted on men. I guess I associate the humanism way of thinking because I believe everyone should be entitled to achieve their full potential - there's a space and a chance for both sexes to achieve this. I donno, just my view on it all.

    1. Hey Rachael, first of all thanks for leaving a comment! I agree with everything you've said. This was just a post on my view on feminism, I do have other views on equality that aren't listed here but thank you soo much for your contribution to this topic!

  2. Glad to know there are more ladies nowadays who supports feminism. With the help of social media, the power of feminism increases and its range becomes larger as years pass. Thank you for this post.

    Life With Antlers // A Personal Blog

    1. Hi Krista! I'm soo glad you enjoyed it! I really enjoyed putting this together because it's something I feel really passionately about!

  3. I have nothing to say besides that you're right about those points. It's a good thing that more people are supporting feminism, especially nowadays!


    1. Thanks Melissa, I'm glad you agree! I hope you enjoyed this post!

  4. I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. In a nutshell, American women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don’t know how to cook or clean, don’t want to have children, etc. Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women?

    American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least.

    This blog is my attempt to explain why I feel American women are inferior to foreign women (non-American women), and why American men should boycott American women, and date/marry only foreign (non-American) women.


    1. I think you're really stereotyping American women right now and I think that's awful. SOME women, no matter where they're from will have these traits but not ALL.

  5. You are so right! I'm also a feminism.. We are people so every single woman and man from around the world should have equal rights.

    1. Totally agree with you Jasey! Really nice to read this little comment from you! Thank you! Equal rights for people.

  6. I don't think any one could take this opinion in a negative light. It's well written and well executed. It's been said many times, feminism has become a word with such negative connotations that it's pretty much ruining the chance to stand for something. And that's just wrong. We have to stand, women, men, everyone has to stand. Feminism is the fight for equality for all, for woman, for men and for everyone else on the planet. I'm with you all the way.

    ~ K

    1. I'm so glad you read this post, thank you so much! I don't think being a feminist is a bad thing, the media and women hating men just portray it negatively! Thanks for reading K! I'm glad you agree with me!

  7. This is a fabulously written post. I think it's important that girls stop seeing the word feminism as a dirty one, it is simply our ability to stand up for equality- a basic human right. Well done for writing up your views in a clear, fabulously executed way.

    Sammy xo.

    1. So glad you agree Sam! Thanks for reading!


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