Thursday, 27 November 2014

Fashion || #OOTD featuring Matalan and New Look

You know when it comes to Outfit of the Day posts I like to grab my mum and together we attempt to get a little bit creative with our photos. Here's this weeks photos.
This is a nice comfortable casual outfit that can be dressed up with some jewellery and heels. I recently wore this to a youth mayor inauguration. 

What do you think of this outfit? Would you add or change something?

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Bristol || Mother & Daughter Trip

A couple of weeks ago I got a phone call early in the morning, I was still in bed and mum brought up the phone to me and woke me up, she was very excited, I just wanted to go back to sleep. I'd originally applied for tickets to my mums favourite TV Show and this was the team calling to confirm they could offer us the tickets. I confirmed the tickets and myself and mum set about the task of getting it off work. Success!
Mum then decided she wanted to go up the night before, so I set upon booking us a room in the Hilton in Bristol.

On Sunday afternoon (23rd of November) myself and mum headed up to Bristol, Cribbs Causeway Mall for some Christmas shopping.

We were so hungry when we got there we, we went in search of somewhere to have lunch and I spotted yo! Sushi, somewhere I'd been once before in Cardiff but somewhere I promised to take mum, so we ate there. 

Emma was our server and she was fantastic, the best customer service we'd had all day. We collected quite a mountain of coloured plates. Emma our server was fantastic!

We then set about shopping...
I bought a lovely tartan dress from New Look for £19.99, and a leather jacket for £22.00, bargain!
We then set off to find the Hilton Hotel in Bristol, which would be our resting place until the next morning. We had a lovely twin room and stayed in room 116.

We were way to exhausted to go out for dinner so we made ourselves presentable and headed downstairs to the bar for something to eat. As per I wore my favourite Matalan Boxtop and New Look jeggings with wedges.

We ate in the bar as the restaurant was closed. I ordered the leek and potato soup for starter and beef lasagne for mains, whilst mum had fish and chips.

The soup wasn't anything special, and there was no sign of a warm bread roll. I asked for it and was given two pieces of French stick not warmed.

I was not impressed by this either, no sign of the 'crispy salad' either, just some wet green stuff.
We raised our concerns with the duty manager and he handled it very well and 50% was taken off our bill to compensate us which was very generous.
We had a lovely evening after we left the bar and we went back to the room.
The next morning we awoke early and headed downstairs for a lovely cooked breakfasr £11.00 per head.

We had a fantastic breakfast and then headed off for the Dream Factory to....*drum roll please* be part of the Deal or No Deal audience. A present of mine to my mum. I can't say much because we signed a confidentiality form but it was sooo much fun. 

EXTRA NOTE ABOUT Hilton Bristol - £14.99 for wifi. If you pay for wifi for 24 hours you need to re pay for it again the next day and then they'll deduct it from your bill in the morning when you check out* No idea why it's done this way but this is what I was told the next morning.

HUGE Thanks to Angela (Reception), Beth & Nikolas (Bar), Carol (I think, for breakfast) and Beth (Reception), all gave fantastic service throughout our stay.

We watched two shows and we were back in Wales by quarter to five. We had a fantastic couple of days and we're already planning our next trip!

Have you ever been in the audience? Would you? 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

#CoffeeWithCurrys || Event

On Sunday the 16th of November I headed down to Cardiff with Charlotte to Waterloo Tea.
We were greeted at the door by the fantastic staff from Joes Blogs, and in we went to meet everyone! 

We then listened to the lovely lady from Joe Blogs and the Currys/Nespresso area manager. 

We were then split into five groups to experience five different workshops, the first one I experienced was the cupping workshop. 

There were lots of different flavours to be tasted, from vanilla to the darkest strongest flavours from Africa. I only tried the vanilla and that was pretty strong for me. I bonded with Jo, who was really enthusiastic about cupping and tastes every flavour! This was a really enjoyable workshop for those who love coffee, caffeine high! 

The second workshop was a coffee cocktail workshop by James, fun fact about James, he was a bartender for Lady Gaga's birthday party in Australia. Now this was a good workshop!

We learnt how to make some coffee cocktails and then Gemma had a go at making her own Coffee Cocktail, she made an amazing chocolate and mint flavour using Baileys, mint leaves and hot chocolate! 

She did a fantastic job! 

The third workshop was a workshop learning to use the Nespresso machines.

We were showed how to use the smaller lower cost machines that cost around £85 and the bigger machines that cost anything up to £400. We learnt about the quality of the coffee beans, and where they come from...8 different countries and the quality is in the top 10%.

Then it was time for lunch which counted as workshop four! Lunch was amazing, like super food! It was a choice of two salads, cous cous, salmon, pear sandwiches, two mixes on crackers - one vegetarian and one beef. Desert was little finger brownies. Served with two types of herbal tea. 

I had a little bit of everything! 

And finally latte art was the last workshop  we went to! I thought it would be a lot easier than it actually was.

Jo was a pro (top left) and I was shocking (bottom left) but we had a laugh.

After we'd completed all the workshops cake started appearing from everywhere! 

Charlotte got interviewed...

They then hosted a cupping and latte art competition to win some champagne. Charlotte took part in the cupping and got stuck in. 

Joe took part in the latte art, her second attempt wasn't quite as impressive as her first but atleast she gave it a go.

And then there were a couple of social media competitions to win Nespresso machines. All in all it was a fantastic event and a lovely day. 

Huge thanks to Joes Blogs for hosting such a fantastic event, The Wyndam And Waterloo Tea Rooms staff for taking part and facilitating us and the great people who came from CurrysPCWorld and Nespresso. You can read CurrysPcWorlds blog on the whole day here.
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