Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Beauty || e.l.f coral matte lipstick

I've covered a review of my favourite mascara so I thought I'd share my favourite lipstick too. Here's e.l.fs matte lip colour.

As a ginger I find it very difficult to find lip sticks to suit my colour without washing me out or clashing with my hair but I love this! It only lasts a couple of hours, not a long day kind of lipstick but looks fine re applied later in the day.

You can purchase the e.l.f matte lipstick here in a range of colour.

You can read about my favourite mascara here.

What's your favourite lipstick?

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  1. I think a trip to Cardiff is in order! I definitely need to add a few of these to my makeup kit!
    LeviJade xx

    1. They're so nice! It's the only lipstick I wear!

  2. I have to admit i don't own any elf products, this colour looks lovely. :D

    1. Christina! It's such a lovely colour, not too bold but noticeable!


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