Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Five Photos That Make Me Happy

I couldn't be happier with the way things are going right now and I'm very grateful for everything I have. 
I've stolen this idea from Becky and I'm doing the Facebook five photos that make you happy. 

1. (Top left) When Charlotte and I took part in elfs Christmas Advert.
2. (Top right) My pride and joy, Amber.
3. (Bottom left) When we went to see the Lion King in theatre.
4. (Bottom middle) On an Island in America having an amazing time.
5. (Bottom right) Blogger event

Family Edition
I love having photos of my family at special events and gatherings because it just reminds me what a fantastic time we all have when we're together.
I just wish our one missing member was still here to have photos with us too. 

1. (Top left) Dad and I before The Lion King
2. (Top right) Mum and her father at my sweet sixthteenth
3. (Bottom left) My fantastic grand parents
4. (Middle right) Collecting my sisters GCSE results
5. (Bottom right) Another photo on the way to my leaving party.

All these photos make me smile because there is a fantastic memory behind each one.

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  1. I love picture posts. They are the best. I love to take pictures and share them on my blog. Your cat looks adorable. I really want one. I love your blog design :)


    1. Awww thanks Lorilee, I'm glad you like! I love making picture posts!


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