Saturday, 15 November 2014

#TheLionKing || Cardiff Millennium

On Wednesday the 12th of November I headed down to Cardiff with my lovely family to watch The Lion King to watch a theatre production of one of the best Disney films of all time, The Lion King. Tickets were purchased last year for £88.00 each.


This was my make up for my trip to the cinema, not sure why I thought bronzing down to the edges of my mouth was a good idea, but it happened. Hey, I'm no make up artist. I did a smoky eye using W7 in the buff palette. My foundation is a mix of elf HD mattifying foundation and my MAC studio foundation. I 'contoured' if you can even call my attempt that with a bronzer. Could probably spent a little more time on my hair as I look as if I've been dragged through the streets of Cardiff by my hair.

This was my outfit for the event, although everyone of twitter said I should wear a dress and heels I opted for a white shirt from Matalan, a select fluffy cardigan, some jeans and black wedges. For the first time in awhile I even wore jewellery. I didn't feel as if I was under dressed at all, most people were in casual/smart, plus I was with my family who care very little about what they look like when they're out.


The first thing I should tell you about Cardiff Millennium is it's quite a small stage (from my point of view) I've seen several theatre productions including Cats, How To Kill A Mockingbird and The Sound Of Music. 2/3 I saw in London and the other I saw in a small theatre in Brecon. So my first worry was this big huge success was going to look pretty small from where we were sitting. I also wasn't as excited as everyone else to see the show, in fact I was a little skeptical that they could turn a fictional film I loved into a 'real' show.

Okay. I'll get down the the show now...after this last photo...

I wanted to put this photo in, because I love how happy we look, and we hadn't even started watching the show. Meet my dad everybody.

I don't want to give too much away in this review, I just want to convince you to go and see this piece of gold for yourself. It took my breath away, Nothing was substituted, everything was all out perfect, the costumes, the music, the songs. You could tell 100% had gone into everything. Some of the things they did I didn't even think would be possible. The cast/performers were exceptional, they made a real connection with everyone in the room. I felt everything I feel like I should of felt, happiness, sadness, excitement. The singing was better than anyone who's ever one the x-factor, that's for sure.
For those of you worried it might be different from the book, have no fear, it's pretty on point with the film, covering all the important scenes; it was like being in the film. For those few hours I lived the Lion King. I can't stress how impressed I was.
Another issue Charlotte brought up is that she was worried the costumes would be like Cats. No, not at all. They don't dress in orange leotards and tights, with mad fluffy headdresses. The way it's done is very clever, they don't try to look to much like lions but in doing that you still 'get it'. I can only express the costumes like tribal costumes, it works, I promise. I don't want to say anything else about it for now, I actually want to go and see it again. It's well worth the price, I'm sure there are cheaper tickets but our seats were amazing, smack bang in the middle of the stage and the balcony.

I'd love to know if you've seen it and what you think?
What show shall I go and see next?
Let me know below!


  1. You're looking pretty in the pictures. It seems like you had a lot of fun! :)


    1. Awww thanks sweetie! That's so nice of you to say so! We had a fab time!

  2. I've seen this twice in London and thought it was amazing! Though it was four years ago now and I can't really remember much of it, i'll have to go again then!

    Amy at Amy & More

  3. I saw it on Broadway and you know, I wasn't impressed! Everyone had said "you gotta see the Lion King" but for both me and the hubby is a bit "meh"! Although I will admit it was well done and everything I just think it was the wrong choice for us.


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