Monday, 22 December 2014

Baker Days || The Post Box Cake*

I'm not a huge fan of cake and neither are my parents however my sister is a cake fanatic and a proper
little baker and therefore when Baker Days offered me the chance to review a 'post box cake' I was intrigued. So when the cake arrived (around three days later) I gathered the family and we tried it 

It's beautifully decorated and can be personalised for you, there are also lots of designs to choose from, I opted for the Reindeer Sponge. No one in my family is a huge icing fan and to be honest we find too much icing quite sickly but what really showed the difference between a supermarket cake and this cake is the icing, it's not as sweet and sickly as usual icing and there's only a thin layer, the sponge is also different from supermarket cakes because it tastes beautiful, very similar to the home made cakes my sister likes to make. It really is a tasty little cake and CAN fit through your letter box like it did ours. This cake would cost you £15.99 with free delivery which is a fantastic deal and the fact you can send this to any family or friends in the UK for any occasion is a great idea.

Baker Days sent me the cake, all views are my own*

What do you think of this nifty little cake?
Would you give it as a gift?

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  1. That cake is so nicely decorated and I love the idea of ordering a cake but for the price and probably because I love baking I think i'd make my own! Still it's a great idea for a gift for sure.

    1. I think what makes this cake worth the price is the fact you can post it to relatives around the country and when it arrives it's still in one piece. This cake fitted through my post box perfectly.


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