Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Gift Idea || PickStick*

How cute are these little fridge magnets? They're all photos I took on my phone, how did I get them and make them into fridge magnets? PicStick.

PicStick is this handy little website that can convert your photos from anywhere into fridge magnets.
Most of you who read my blog on a regular basis will already know I'm a crazy cat lady but what some of you may not know is on the day I returned from America this Summer 2014 my dog, Murphy died...a couple of hours before I got home. It was a total shock to us all as he had no illness, he was a fit and healthy dog who suffered a heart attack. Since he died the room he lived in (his own living room) has been redecorated and the furniture has been removed. I wanted a way for us to remember him and this seemed like a good idea.

So I got a few photos of Murphy and a few of Amber done and put them on the fridge. Dad saw them first and thought it was a fantastic idea, he was really impressed. Mum got a bit emotional but was also really happy we had something we could look at and remember. These have been a total success in my house and with my family. A great way to remember past furry friends and current furry friends. These would make a lovely gifts to another animal lover.

What do you think? Fancy sticking some furry friends on your fridge?

PicStick was kind enough to send me a code for free so I could show you their products.*

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