Saturday, 6 December 2014

#SHhabbits || Ice Skating (Winter Wonderland)

I was lucky enough to be asked by SimplyHealth to give Ice Skating a try as a way to keep fit during Winter. It's a fact that since summer I've gained a little stomach and I don't enjoy exercising as much in the Winter either so ice skating is a fantastic way to keep that winter tummy at bay.

The first thing I feel like I should tell you is ice skating is hard, especially when you start off, it can also be quite scary especially if you've never done it before but I promise it's the most fun I've had doing exercise since Camp America.

This was my first time skating in 10 years, and to be honest it was a little difficult BUT I didn't fall, I got the hang of it and by the end I was zooming around the ice. I loved it, really loved it and I could tell I was exercising, I definitely got a sweat on.

Then we went on the big swing with a cracking view of Cardiff.

We took a little winter walk back through Winter Wonderland to look at the pretty stalls (counts as excersise).

We couldn't leave Cardiff without doing a little bit of shopping, could we? So we spent another hour or so checking out the Christmas aisles of shops!

Myself and Charlotte had a fantastic day in Cardiff and I came home well and truly ready for bed.

If you want more ideas for keeping fit in Winter and how many calories you can burn doing these activities check out this post by SimplyHealth.

I hope you've enjoyed this festive little post, let me know if you've visited
 Winter Wonderland this year and what you thought!

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  1. Wow looks like you had an amazing time! :)

    1. It was sooo much fun! Ice skating was hard but I love a good challenge!

  2. Wow it looks so pretty there, I love ice skating. hope I go before christmas :)

    1. I can't believe how much I enjoyed ice skating! I hope you do too!


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