Tuesday, 6 January 2015

2015 || Bloggers to watch

Meet Frankie from CrazyBlondeGal. Frankie is literally the nicest girl ever, I can always count on Frankie for her opinions and for her help but what drew me to Frankie in the first place was Frankie's blog. Frankie covers a wide range of topics including beauty and lifestyle. She's a very intelligent lady who's a bit of a computer whizz and she owns a hedgehog, what more so you want?
You can find Frankie on Twitter here.

Meet Charley, she's beautiful and she's got a kick ass YouTube channel which you can take a look at here. If I had a blogger I'd like to be most like in a couple of years time it would be Charley. She's professional but personal and she's eager to improve all the time even though her blog is fabulous as it is. Charley's blog Ramblings of a Beauty Blogger is bursting with personal style and fashion posts. She's also got lot's of tips and tricks for bloggers on photography.
You can find Charley on Twitter here.

Say hello again to Charlotte who was featured in a lot of my lifestyle posts in 2014. Charlotte is someone I know in real life but we became friends through twitter first. Our story is a bit like a love story and we behave like an old married couple, or so we've been told many a times. Charlotte writes A Fashion Oddity she claims she's Fashion but she's beginning to look like a little bit of everything. She loves clothes and make up and also has a YouTube channel here.
You can find Charlotte on Twitter here.

Meet Dee who writes for Prompts by Dee, she's a twenty something inspiration! Another amazing lady I've met through twitter. Dee writes about theatre and lifestyle and I enjoy reading her lifestyle posts because she really shows a personal side of her life. Her writing is clear, her photography is on point and it's a pleasure to spend half and hour scrolling through her blog. She writes things I think anyone would be interested in reading, I particularly liked her review on The Theory of Everything.
You can find Dee on Twitter here.

Meet Lewis, you may recognise him from my A Guy's Perspective posts, if you don't go check out his first post here. He writes a music blog Love Life Music, after having a little browse and being persuaded by Lewis to listen to some music I'd never thought of listening to before I decided to become a regular reader. Lewis is such a nice guy even if you're not into music then just have a chat to him on twitter, you can find him here.

So go check out these five amazing bloggers but don't forget to follow me too.


  1. Woohoo!!! GO DEE!

    That is all :P


  2. You are too sweet! You even used my new blog layout and everything! I don't think anyone has ever described my Youtube channel as kickass before. I owe you a giant hug in February! (Which by the way, I still need an outfit for!)

  3. Great suggestions, I'm armed with tea and I'm off to check them out!

  4. I love these sort of posts :) a great way to discover new blogs and it's lovely seeing bloggers supporting each other!!

    Emma xx

  5. I love finding new blogs through posts like this. I love Dee's blog!

    Heather x

  6. Thank you for the suggestion! Gonna check them out soon <3


  7. Aww what a lovely idea for a post! :) xx

  8. Love this post. There's a few on there I read regularly, and a few new ones for me to check out :)


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