Monday, 5 January 2015

Talking on the Internet – A Guy’s Perspective

Hello, my name is Lewis Fisher and I am a friend of Ffion’s who has very kindly asked me to write a guest post for her blog. I myself am I blogger for a blog called ‘Love Life, Love Music’, I write reviews and I have been doing so since March 2014 and have enjoyed writing many reviews for so many great artists. I am very humbled to have been asked to write for Ffion’s blog and we have nailed a specific topic I wanted to talk about to all you lovely people.
So, I wanted to talk to you all about guys on the internet and how we’re all seemed to be portrayed on the internet. It’s quite a stressful topic to talk about because I see it time and time again when girls just get screwed over by guys by just asking for one thing. For someone like myself this is really frustrating because I love getting to know new people, it’s actually one of my goals for 2015. I’m talking to a lot of bloggers at the moment and loving each conversation I have with them. Each one is different and it’s great to be part of this little bloggers world now.
Now, before I jump into this, I’m not saying I’m perfect or a saint and I’ve never done that, but I’m 21 now, that was years ago and I’m a mature guy who just wants to make friends and contacts to better my life! Especially since I am currently single too, making new friends is the perfect way to really find that special someone.
I have tried online dating, but I barely get any replies or hellos and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong by just saying “hello, how’s your day been” etc. I’ve come to realise that talking to girls on the internet is a lot harder and difficult to get their attention because of guys who want one thing.
To me I just feel like girls these days just get asked so much that they can’t be bothered to be putting the time and effort in for guys online. I don’t blame you! If I was asked to flash every time I spoke to someone new I wouldn’t have any faith either!
Though when I have talked to the lucky few who have seen past this model that has been sculpted for us guys, they have a really nice time and so do I! I’ve found out so much about all these lovely and wonderful people and I don’t understand why there are so few guys who don’t want to know girls like I do. It’s so much fun getting to know someone from either a different country or part of the UK. Well, take me and Ffion for example, I’m from Brighton and she lives in the land of South Wales!
I wanted to write this post because there are guys who do actually want to have a lovely chat with girls. To me, that’s more important than any 5 minute conversation I’ll have in the middle of the night discussing what you’re up to. It’s made me think what makes guys think it’s right? It’s become a very frustrating trend that I would love to stop, but we’re in a different world to when we were even 2 - 3 years ago and unfortunately one person can’t change that.
What I can do, is do what I’m doing right now and just speaking to girls in the way they should be spoken to. I’ve seen how much more interested you girls become in guys who just want a chat. Even if you’re heading out in half an hour and just have time for a quick 5 minute chat, I’ve seen that it makes the world of a difference!
Well, I think that’s my time for now, but I think Ffion want’s me back for a few more topics to talk about, but if you did enjoy this and have any opinions on it then leave a good ol’ comment and tell me what your thoughts are on this topic. If you wouldn’t mind checking out my blog too, I would be very grateful! You never know what artist you might stumble across that you may like! I have tons of artists from different genres, so go have a gander!

Take care everyone
Lewis J 

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  1. Ffion I'm so glad you went ahead with this, and Lewis you wrote a lovely piece! Looking forward to seeing what topics you cover :)

    Frankie x

    1. Thanks Frankie for your feedback, such kind words. I'm sure myself or Ffion will let you know when the next post will be :) x


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