Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Use Of 'Fake' Products - A Guy's Perspective

Hello again you lovely lot, Ffion has asked me back for another discussion with you all from a male perspective on a certain topic. Firstly I wanted to say thank you all for the support from the last discussion I had and the feedback was great, you guys are awesome! So, who’s ready for round 2? I hope all of you are ready. Let’s go!

So, Ffion and I were discussing about topics for this segment of her blog and this subject came about that struck me as quite an interesting one from a male perspective. I want to talk to you girls about the use of fake tans/eyelashes/nails etc. The reason is because I see it more often now from girls to be wearing or using ‘fake’ products. Whether that be fake tan, eyelashes, nails or extensions for hair, to me it’s frustrating to see a lot of women enjoying and using these products. Hear me out on this one ladies.

Now I understand why girls buy these sorts of products, but I don’t know why they think it’ll make them look prettier or make them feel more comfortable when they go out. I know most girls wear these to make their eyelashes look bigger or because they don’t like their nails, but it’s called fake for a reason ladies.

I’m using all this from past experience (not for myself) with my ex-girlfriend whom at some point in our year and a half relationship used these products. It got me quite upset to think she had to buy fake products in order to make herself look prettier when she looked gorgeous in the first place. I never told her to buy them, I just told her that she didn’t need them because she looked pretty as a natural woman.

When we first started dating, I didn’t know she was using extensions for her hair and when she took the extensions out it felt like a bit of a disappointment to me. Not because she was using them, but the fact that it wasn’t her natural self. As if she had to buy something to have longer hair and that made me think that she wasn’t happy with her hair when she should’ve been. The same goes for fake nails and tans, to me they just make it seem like you girls aren’t happy with the way you look to impress guys. You’ll know when you’ve met the right guy is when he likes you just the way you are. It was the same for me with my ex, I loved her just the way she was, but was always wanting to use these products.

Me personally, I can’t stand fake tan. Why would you want to use it in the first place for a browner look that lasts a mere few days at most? Quite a lot of them wash off in the shower anyway, I’m referring this again to my ex when we went on holiday. It just looked so rough, eventually after the second day she had patches of her natural skin and her ‘fake’ skin and I wish she didn’t bother in the first place. It’s a little harsh for me to say, but it just looks like a lot of hassle for not a lot of difference.

I think you girls just need to leave the fake products alone and just be proud for who you are. Even if you don’t like the way your skin is pale, or that your lashes don’t work the way you want them to. It’s not the end of the world and me personally, I would much prefer a girl who is okay with what she’s got and how she looks. Using this products means you’re presenting a fake look that isn’t yourself and that can be disappointing to some guys. Especially myself, it just seems like you’re presenting a fake you and I’m against that.
I hope you all understand where I’m coming from and all these points that I have made. If you have a different view on these products then let me know in the comments or talk to me on Twitter (I’m on it 24/7). I hope you enjoyed this little post and I’m sure I’ll be back soon.

Thank you very much for reading and until next time.


  1. AWWW!! Lewis is such a sweetheart! You got yourself a boyfriend there, madam! xx

    Dee |

    1. Ahhh thanks Dee! Unfortunately I'm taken and there's a slight distance issue with her being in Wales and me living in Brighton :P
      Thank you for your kind words though! Glad you enjoyed the post :)

    2. Madam has got herself a very lovely friend Dee, tut tut. I'm glad you read and didn't get offended Dee! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

    3. I'm with Lewis on this one ^^^

      I'm glad you understand the point!

  2. Really good post and its great to see what guys actually think. BUT to be honest, I don't really care if guys like or loathe what I wear, I do it for me :) For me I wear fake tan because I keep myself out of the sun as much as possible, and I wear fake eyelashes occasionally because I simply like the way they look :)

    Francesca xo // EffStar Beauty // YouTube Channel

    1. I'm so glad you GET THE POINT of this post. I wear fake eye lashes and nails occasionally and I wouldn't start or stop wearing them despite what guys thought but as you seem to understand it's just another perspective! Hope you'll keep an eye out for the next one!

  3. Really interesting post to see a guy's perspective! Although I do have to say that a lot of women that I know that wear eyelashes/fake tan etc do it for themselves, not with the intention to impress men :) I think for women we're introduced to makeup quite young, and if you don't wear it you can stick out like a sore thumb, however for men it's not considered the norm to wear makeup. It just becomes a big part of our lives, and mostly it's down to pressure to 'fit in' when we're younger. True there are women that wear fake tan and eyelashes to impress others (and some can go very OTT with it!), but a lot just do it for themselves. We're not purposely trying to hide our features, I promise! It's to enhance them :)

    I guess at the end of the day, as long as it makes them happy, isn't that all that matters?

    Frankie x
    (Sorry for the essay!)

    1. I just wanted this little series to be about a guy's perspective. It's not to change anyone's thoughts or tell anyone they're wrong for wearing it.
      It's entirely personal preference :)

  4. This is very similar to what I hear from my boyfriend. Although, do you feel the same about make-up in general? My bloke hates me wearing lipstick because it always rubs off on him! But he gets why I like to wear it and still thinks it looks nice.

    1. Hey Charlie,

      Thanks for reading this post! Make-up in general I have no problem with (obviously there are limits, no caking involved), but yeah make up is fine with me. I don't mind the lipstick thing, its funny when it gets planted by lips on my face because I sometimes forget and its a funny/awkward situation you can laugh about with your partner.
      It sounds like your boyfriend and myself are on similar wavelengths and I'm glad you see where I am coming from in this post.

      Thanks again! :)

  5. I think what you're missing is that many women (including myself) do not give a jot what men think of our appearance. Most guys aren't presenting themselves well, so why would they be people whose opinions we seek? Not that I'm sure you're not a nice enough guy, but this kind of attitude gets under my skin like nothing else.
    Please do not assume it has anything to do with anyone's opinion other that the wearer. Each person feeling confident in whatever way they choose should be celebrated.

    1. Hi Abby, Sorry you took offence to this but the point of this post is 'A Guy's Perspective' and that's what we've got here. It's purely for people to see a different perspective!


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