Saturday, 7 February 2015

Beauty || Contouring with e..l.f

Mum and I recently attended a Make Up Master-class at the e.l.f store in Cardiff. The class was basically about the different types of contouring and how it differs for each face shape.

Here are some of the products that the e.l.f MUA's used. 

The first type of contouring was a day contouring which was demonstrated by the lovely Hannah! She showed us how using very few products you could change your face shape.

The next look we learnt was the Kim Kardashian Iconic contour. Which was demonstrated by Antonia.

And finally Emily demonstrated the 2015 contour which has been up and down the catwalk recently.

It was an awfully informative class, I feel like a learnt so much about contouring! I had a go the next day and one of my colleagues in work said how wonderful my make up was and asked if I'd changed anything. I think the Kim Kardashian contour is quite a bold contour and I'm a bit nervous about giving it a go at the moment but the day contour is so quick and easy!
Mum also had the time of her life and won a social media competition!

Keep an eye out on Twitter and Facebook for the elf stores next Make Up Master-class dates that will be revealed the end of February!

Do you contour? Which contour do you use?

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  1. I am so useless at contouring, I think I need some help! E.L.F always have really great products, would like to try some more.
    Bethan Likes

    1. I'd recommend starting off with the contouring bronzer and blush! Really easy to use!

  2. This would be such a useful class to go to as contouring is not my thing either! I really like elf, I have a couple of contour kits already - need to actually use them! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. When I master it I shall do a post on 'how to' contour!

  3. That would be a good class to go to! I'm a little wary of contouring because it can look so bad in real life, but they results can be really great.

  4. I love the contour look but I definitely need to practice it more x

    em // emandhan xo


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