Saturday, 7 February 2015

Corsets || Corset Story*

I love trying new things so when I was approached by Corset Story one of the biggest international retailers of corsets I decided this was my opportunity to take a couple of steps out of my comfort zone. I've always been fascinated by corsets and the wide range of designs.

My Corset Story experience
This was my first time ever putting on a corset, I was alone in the house and decided to see if I could conquer it alone. How very wrong I was. My beautiful corset hooked in the front but you could adjust it at the back. I'm ridiculously stubborn and instead of adjusting it a little bit to give me more room I forced myself into it clipping it at the front.....and got stuck. I had a minor panic where I thought I might die, (a tad melodramatic). Eventually I managed to unclip and when mum got home she helped adjust it properly.
I think I fell in love with how I feel in a corset. It lifts you up, pulls you in a little. I actually had some sort of cleavage to which was a major perk.

Here's the corset I chose. An elegant simple black one with a beautiful pattern all-over.


The first thought I had on this corset is oh my, this feels really expensive more than the £75.00 price tag. The quality of the product from the wiring down to the ribbon feels like good quality, I've had this corset for over a month now and there's been no fraying of the ribbon or any issues with the wires.
My waist appeared a couple of inches smaller than it actually is and to my surprise it didn't feel uncomfortable. It felt like someone was holding me in. No issues breathing after I adjusted it properly (ha ha)

(More Photos To Come!)

Corset Story are now doing a deal 3 for £75.00 which you can access right here.


  1. Sometimes you write things and it makes me laugh so much because it's exactly how I would word it, glad you managed to sort it out with no major incident, though! So pretty, I might have to take a look!

    Sammy xo.

    1. Sam I thought I was going to die in that corset! Or be cut out of it! Glad I amused you!

  2. Replies
    1. Hey Charley! Glad you like! Perfect for sassy strutting around an empty house!


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