Saturday, 14 March 2015

Advanced Esthetics Solutions || Alternatives to Cosmetic Surgery

Here's a post for any of you guys who are thinking about getting cosmetic surgery or are interested in finding out if there are any alternatives to cosmetic surgery out there. I introduce to you Advanced Esthetics Solutions.

Advanced Esthetics Solutions (AES) is a Cardiff based company born from a passion and true dedication of providing effective treatments for the medical, cosmetic and beauty industry with realistic and affordable opportunities for results driven treatments. One thing that I really liked about Advanced Esthetics is they only choose machinery that they know gives results and therefore they pick the best machinery from several different companies.

I got to test out two of their brand new machines, the first one was a face machine Geneo+ which works by exfoliating, oxygenating and infusing the product into your skin. This machine works really well on older people with wrinkles because it uses a radio frequency to enhance the dermis. Before I had the treatment done I was given a skin consultation which helps tailor the treatment and product for you. Something I noticed from the off was that the girls were very driven to making sure your treatment was tailored as well as how to look after your skin.

Because this product is mainly for reducing wrinkles I didn't expect to see any sort of result on my skin as I am only nineteen however for weeks and weeks afterwards my skin looked and felt in much better condition. My spots had reduced significantly and my skin is still as soft as the day I had the treatments.

The second machine I got to try out was the Lipofirm Pro for fat reduction, body sculpting & skin tightening. The Lipofirm Pro works using heat to target the subcutaneous fat layer, to speed up the natural process.

I had this treatment on the back of my legs and the lower of my bum where I have a little pockets of excess fat which makes my legs look funny. I did take before and after photos but I don't really fancy flashing my bum right now. I lost 3 and a half inches in total from my legs and my bums shape was more rounded, I could definitely see the difference, but what amazed me was the little pockets of fat below my bum were smoothed out.

It's safe to say although I've thought about booking myself an appointment for this sort of clinic before but machines are scary right? After my experience it's safe to say if there was a flaw I really wanted fixing then I'd give this a go before having any surgery done. It's not abnormal, all these machines do is speed up your natural processes, and they don't hurt!

*One thing I'd like to add is that these treatments are carried out over a series of weeks/months but even after one treatment I saw a difference, imagine the difference after several?

I'd like to think if any of you ladies (or gents) have any issues that you're thinking about going under the knife for you'll give Advanced Esthetics Solutions a call to see if there's anything they can do.
They're highly trained and are so friendly!

Although I cannot promise that the machines were  previously tested on animals I can promise that the solutions they use are not tested on animals.

If you have any questions then please leave a comment,
if I am unable to answer the question I'll refer it to the girls at AES!


  1. such an interesting post hun! I work for a clinic that offers radio frequency treatment but not with these machines mentioned but again, I saw a difference straight away such a good non-surgical option!

    love Paige x

  2. ooooo very interesting! :D

  3. I've been thinking about liposuction on my arms but its so pricey, this is really interesting- definitely going to take a look xx


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