Monday, 9 March 2015

Food || The Blues Kitchen Review

So here's something a little different for you a restaurant review!

Whilst I was in London attending a blogging event I came across this lovely little Blues Bar in Shoreditch and decided to check it out.

The decor was beautiful and it was decorated like it was years old.

It was definitely a really interesting surrounding to eat in. At lunchtime it was relatively quiet however in the evenings I can imagine it's probably a really popular place to go and listen to live music at, I can imagine it's got an awesome atmosphere in the evenings.
So now that you've basically seen the venue I'm really excited to talk about the food. As soon as I saw pulled pork on the menu I instantly knew that's what I wanted and I made an awesome decision, it was delicious. They also serve a variety of ribs. Really nice meaty meals with pretty big portions for the price. I wouldn't say it's extremely expensive for two meals and two drinks it came to just under £30.

So if you're every in Shoreditch and you're looking for somewhere to have lunch I'd recommend you go and check out The Blues Kitchen, even it's just so you get to explore this amazing building.

What do you think? Cool right?


  1. You're right such an interesting setting! Loving the trailer! The food looks fantastic! And not too expensive either!

    1. Everything you've just said is 100% correct. I'd love to go back on a night out!

  2. Wow the place looks stunning and definitely have a look when I'm going down to London at the end of the month. Thanks so much for sharing, hope to speak soon xxx

    Caz | Lunch Break Adventures


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