Sunday, 22 March 2015

Food || Steak Of The Art Cardiff

Not long ago Robyn and I decided we wanted to try out the new Steak Of The Art restaurant in Cardiff. We saw a couple of articles online and decided we wanted to go and try it out for ourselves. 
The concept of Steak of The Art is different to any other restaurant I've been to before, it's art inside a steakhouse, everything from the booths, to the chairs to the floor is beautifully crafted. 

They also have a range of different themed booths, we were lucky enough to be put in the Willy Wonka booth.

The seats were made of really comfortable material, not plastic! And had really interesting pop art featuring quotes related to Willy Wonka on them. So cool. We were soooo impressed with the decor.

The menu was mainly steak but there was an option to double up  or add on pulled pork or brisket.

For starter we picked from the specials. I had the french onion soup and Robyn had the goats cheese salad. Both starters were around £4 each.

Both starters were delicious, although I was slightly envious of Robyn's salad, she gave me a little taste and it was delicious.

We both opted for Rump Steak (Medium) at £14 each. I'm not a huge steak fan so I was a little iffy about if I'd eat it all. Robyn had it with sweet potato fries added brisket, I had it with home cooked chips and added pulled pork for an extra £1 and we also ordered peppercorn sauce and onion rings.

So we did expect the presentation to be a little bit more creative and interesting but there's not much you can do with steak and chips. Both were delicious, and I was really impressed with the steak as I'm really fussy with my meat. The onion rings (not pictured above because I ate them all very quickly) were fabulous! I both potato options were delicious but I preferred the sweet potato fries.

However the pulled pork was a let down but I think that's because I've only ever eaten BBQ pulled pork but the brisket was pretty delicious and something I'd never tasted before.

There were a wide variety of delicious desserts but I chose lemon posset because you can't beat a good lemon dessert, I had mine without the coulis though.

Here's some more photos I took.
The balloon booths look awesome!

Even the Toilets were pretty magical.

When the cubicle is in use the door lights up as an animal, every cubicle is a different animal.

We had a great time at Steak of The Art and racked up a bill of £72 however for what we had we thought this was pretty reasonable and will be returning soon! HUGE thank you to the guy at the door for showing us around and telling us all about the place and also to the amazing Georgina who made sure we had a fantastic time and even came to find us when our food was ready and we'd wandered off!

There's only one thing I didn't take pictures of and that's the gallery which I think needs to be experienced in person in all it's glory. It features local talent and you can even buy some of the art work which ranges from £350 to over £1,000.

What do you think? Is this somewhere you would eat?


  1. The decor looks absolutely incredible! Almost like setting foot in a themed house, but one with awesome food too! I really love the toilet door light thing!
    Starters seemed pretty reasonably priced, and I really want to try the goat cheese salad now! I would have also gone for the pulled pork, but I think I may give it a miss after reading your review.
    Also, did you guys drink alcohol to get the bill to £72? Or were you on soft drinks?

    Thanks for a great review, I am even more excited about visiting Steak of the Art now!

  2. Wow! Looks so pretty! Glad the food was good to as that would have been a big shame!

  3. Ive passed this loads lately and wondered what it was like

    What a great review and an interesting place

    Laura x

  4. This place looks awesome!! I love the Willy Wonka decor! And even more so that Wonka actually looks like Gene Wilder <3

  5. Such a quirky place, I'll have to try some time. Great review!


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