Sunday, 29 March 2015

March || Catch Up!

I'm I started March with tonsillitis which wasn't great but after it went and came back again I think I've finally cleared it.

I've been working hard this month on 3 aspects of my life. College, my bedroom and my social life. If you want to see more of my room my room tour is up on Elysian here

Trying to get on top of college work after not doing much work for the last two years was stressful, but I got there in the end and since the beginning of the month I've turned my Us and Ds into As and Bs!

So I've been keeping on top of my work. Handing in essays on time, revising hard, saying no to extra work hours.
But still working...

I also downloaded that 'fling' app which was boring, don't bother. 

We've shut down Qui Vive and have launched a new channel starring Hannah, Ness and myself. Come and check us out on Twitter and YouTube

Trying to keep my work:social life balance I went out for lunch with the girls where we had a lovely lunch at Wearherspoons.

I went for a walk with Charlotte and took in some fresh air for a change!

Amber picked a spot on my desk, this is known as Ambers spot. She will sit on anything placed in her spot.

I'm back on the lemon meringue pie 'diet'. Mum made the mistake of buying one and we ate it all.

Me and mum are currently discussing living arrangements for when I got to university in September. I want to live at home but mum says she can see herself coming down to visit and bringing me food so now I'm unsure...

This months favourites...

Person of Interest (TV Show)
I watched a few episodes of this when it first started but I didn't quite get into it, but then I caught mum ''series bombing'' it (that's what she thinks it's called) on Netflix and suddenly I was completely hooked on it. It's pretty mind boggling but exhilarating at the same time. I don't want to give anything away but if you like a puzzle and you like action I would recommend this TV show, it's awesome.

Hootsuite (Website)
Since I've pretty much been studying or watching Person of Interest I haven't had a lot of time for social media so Hootsuite has been a total life saver. I've also worked out how to schedule facebook posts.

The Vampire Diaries (TV Show)
I used to watch this A LONG time ago with my dad, but when I started working I couldn't keep up but I came across it on Netflix one evening and now I'm ''series bombing'' it. The first couple of series are boring because I've watched them before but I'm really looking forward to getting to the episodes I haven't seen.

Tea (Drink)
I think I'm addicted to tea again, especially with all the time I'm spending in front of Netflix tea has just become the drink of choice. At least it's not coke right?

Twitter (Website)
I've been loving twitter lately as I've been seeing so many wonderful things and getting so much support from you guys. I'm forever greatful.

I'm still trying to get through this book. I love it, it's awesome but finding the time is tricky. This book is such an inspiring book and I'm pretty sure this book is the reason I've all of a sudden become mega motivated with my college work and my life. I can't wait to finish it and put a review up on here.

Fish (Food)
Anyone ever tried those Birds Eye fish inspiration things? Yeah they're sooooo good and soooo easy to cook too. When I'm hungry these things are always my first choice because they're soooo tasty, but unfortunately I have to eat at least two to fill me up!

That's about it for this month guys, over the next couple of months I expect to do less socialising and more studying so maybe when Aprils catch up post is up it may just be lots of photos of me and essays! 

What are your favourite things at the moment?


  1. Sounds like your getting your act together very nicely babe. So happy for you

    1. Hey Carla!
      I kind of am! Just hoping to pass these exams!

      Ffi x

  2. That is amazing! Getting As instead of Us! Gosh, I wish I could do that!

    Elizabeth -

    1. Hi Elizabeth!
      It's easier to get As instead of Us in essays, I'm more worried about exams!

      Ffi x

  3. Yay congrats on turning those Us and Ds into As and Bs! That's good going! I hated college work so much!

    1. Hi Bec!
      Yeah I was soooo happy with my exams. I go through stages of extreme motivation and de motivation.

      Ffi x

  4. How exciting off to uni in September and hmm now is the decision of staying at home or moving out: personally I would move out your mum will still bring you food ha ha I love those bird eye inspiration things to ha ha yum

    Laura@ Liberty Loves Makeup

    1. Hi Laura,
      Seems we've got lots in common honey! OMG Birds eye inspirations are the bomb!

      Ffi x


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