Thursday, 30 April 2015

April || Catch Up

I can't believe this month has passed so quickly! Unfortunately as the month went on my mood and motivation dipped but here's what I got up to

On the 4th of April I took a four hour drive to Rottingdean where I'd spend the evening walking up and down the beach. On the 5th of April I drove from Rottingdean across to Brighton where I had the most amazing time exploring. Read about what I wore, what I ate and what I did.

Whilst in Brighton I made my FIRST EVER Lush Cosmetics purchase...which meant I got to spend the majority of April playing around with my new bath bombs.

What could be more fun than taking your sixteen year old sister for her first food shop and letting her have all the responsibility while you just watch. (I'm evil, I know)

After a really bad couple of days mid April I had a day to myself where I ate pizza and started a diary.

Exams start for me in May so obviously April consisted of a little studying, not as much as I would have hoped for though. Motivation was low.

After my first purchases at the beginning of the month I asked my sister to pick up something for my skin and this is what she came home with. So far so good.

Food with friends has got to lift your spirit when your feeling low right? Except when you wait an hour and a half for food, when it arrives it's wrong....and the dessert that you get free is stale.

Thanks to George at Asda I got lots of new things for spring! There's a post to come soooooon! 

I got back on a horse for the first time in awhile, if you follow my blog on Snapchat then you'll have seen the clips.

I think I've got a new signature look and it involves fake eye lashes on the end of my eyes, still looks natural but my eyes look so much wider!

And if we're not already friends on snapchat then get to it!

And finally at the end of April I attended #PamperAtTheManor a blogger event at The Celtic Manor which was awesome!

And at 2:30am the next day I was on a bus on my way to get my visa in London! Which I got! YAY!


Person Of Interest (TV Show)
After finishing Person Of Interest at the beginning of the month I've decided to include it in this month catch up because I've spent the rest of the month re watching every episode....twice. If you haven't seen POI then I dare you to watch 5 episodes and if you're not totally obsessed I'll eat my top.

Fish (Food)
I've been eating so much fish lately, especially the inspirations from Birds Eye, they are delicious pieces of meat in different flavoured sauces!

Chicken (Food)
Mum's been getting fresh chicken from a friend who lives near a butcher who makes the most amazing chicken and adds the most divine sauces. I've been pairing the chicken and the fish with salad and rice on my journey to loose weight.

Facebook (Social Media )
My blog now has a facebook page and I'm really enjoying using it!

Snapchat (Social Media)
Another great way I get to connect with you guys!

Apple Juice (Drink)
Last month it was cranberry juice, this month it's apple juice.

Lush Bath Bombs (Product)
I had never tried Lush Cosmetics before this month but I got four bath bombs in Brighton and I think I'm in love. I also love the Lush face mask I got!

This months posts: OOTD || Bill's Review || The White Horse Review || Exploring Brighton || Blackberry Bath Bomb Review || Get Out of Your Comfort Zone || Twitter Chats || #HillarysCrafternoon

What's the most exciting thing that happened to you this month?

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Event || #HilarysCrafternoon with @JoesBloggers*

A little while ago I was invited to a local bloggers craft event in Cardiff put on by JoesBloggers and Hilary's! I was really excited to go but when works rota came out I found out I'd be working which was a huge shame! But thanks to the guys at JoesBlogs and Hilarys I still got a crafty goodie bag to mess about with at home. Here's what I got...

I'm not a very crafty person, I really struggle with creativity but I'm excited to use these things to create something pretty.

You can see more of what went on at #HillarysCrafternoon here.

Did you attend #HilarysCrafternoon? Link your post!
Are you arty and crafty? Link me your posts!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

For Bloggers || Blogger Twitter Chats


7pm - 8pm 
 (Bloggers Do It Better) hosted by @bloggersdoitbetter (All Bloggers)
#BundleChat hosted by @BundleMag (All Bloggers)
#JBTalks hosted by @JoesBloggers (All Bloggers)

8pm - 9pm
#FBloggers hosted by @Becky Bedbug (Fashion Bloggers)
#Zchat hosted by @Zusterschap (All Bloggers)


7pm - 8:30pm
 #CraftBlogClub hosted by @CraftBlogClub (Craft Bloggers)

7pm - 8pm 
#Bookbloggers hosted by @lifeofathinker (Book Bloggers)
#AskABlogger hosted by @_OliviaJadexo (All Bloggers)

8pm - 9pm 
#FBLChat hosted by  @FashBeautyLife (Fashion Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers)

9pm - 10pm 
#BlogHour hosted by @UKBlogAwards (All Bloggers)


7pm - 8pm
#LBloggers hosted by @LBloggersChat (All/Lifestyle Bloggers)

7:30 - 8:30
#CareerBlogChat hosted by @CareerBloggers (All Bloggers)

8pm - 9pm 
#BBloggers hosted by @BBloggersChat (Beauty Bloggers)
#TechTalk hosted by @LukeDonovan3 (All Bloggers/Tech Bloggers)

9pm - 10pm 
#WelshBloggers hosted by @WelshBloggers_ (All/Welsh Bloggers)
#Blogtacular hosted by @Blogtacular (All Bloggers)


7pm - 8pm 
#Crazybloggers hosted by @CrazyBlogChat (All Bloggers)

8pm - 9pm 
#FBloggers hosted by @BeckyBedbug (Fashion Bloggers)
#FDbloggers hosted by @FDbloggers (Food Bloggers)
#VloggersChat hosted by @WhatSheDidx (Vloggers and Yout]Tubers

9pm - 10pm 
#TBloggers hosted by @TeenBloggerChat (Teen Bloggers)
#CFBloggers hosted by @CFBloggersChat (Cruelty Free Bloggers)


7pm - 8pm 
#GBloggers hosted by @VixMeldrew @TamzinSwann (All Bloggers)

8pm - 9pm
#BDIB hosted by @BlogsDoItBetter (All Bloggers)
#MBlogChat hosted by @MummyBloggers (Mum Bloggers)

9pm - 10pm 
#BlogPhotoChat hosted by @BlogPhotoChat (All Bloggers)


6pm - 7pm 
#SocialBloggers hosted by @Noor_Unahar (All Bloggers)

8pm - 9pm
#TBloggers hosted by @TeenBloggerChat (Teen Bloggers)


5pm - 6pm
#PABChat hosted by @PABChat (All Bloggers)

7pm - 8pm
#LBloggers hosted by @LBloggersChat (All/Lifestyle Bloggers)

8pm - 9pm 
#BBloggers hosted by @BBloggersChat (Beauty Bloggers)

9pm - 10pm
#PBloggers hosted by @PBloggerNet (Parent Bloggers)

I hope you find this information useful and please let me know if I've missed any chats out or if you want more information!

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone || Inspired by Zoe

This post is inspired by a post by Zoey when she was struggling to exit her comfort zone.

I can relate to what Zoey's been feeling because a couple of years ago that was me bored, unsatisfied and unhappy. However I've combated this and taken a few steps outside of my comfort zone and here's how you can too.

How to take a few steps out of your comfort zone. 

Travelling is a great way to expand your mind whilst having new and enjoyable experiences. There are many programs that offer 18+ the chance to work in a foreign country for a few months, such as Camp America, Get Australia and Au Pairs. As someone who's experienced living another country for a couple of months I can't stress how much it changes you and your attitude for the better. 
If travelling to another country is a little extreme for you then why not travel to another town or another city.

Think less, act more
I'm a massive procrastinator and if I think about something too deeply then the chances are I'll opt out but if I act without much thought I find myself doing things that I'd never have done like talking to strangers and applying to Camp America in the first place.

Break the routine
Routines can get pretty boring pretty quickly so why not break the routine to add a little excitement into your life. Organise a meet up with a group of friends, take your mum on a shopping trip or even a little walk by yourself.

Get a new hobby
If you're bored the chances are you've got a little extra time on your hands so why not join a club or a class. Earlier this year I took some salsa dancing lessons that was really fun, my grandmother who has bags of time on her hands is taking drawing classes, painting classes and photography classes.

Build a career or get a part time job
When I was sixteen I couldn't wait to get a job, but three years later and some of my peers are yet to have they're first part time job. I think working is a great way to gain experience and develop your independence. Working is a way for you to fund travelling, skydiving and all the crazy things you want to do.

Concentrate on doing the best you can.
Whether you're building a career, in school, college or higher education focus on doing the very best you can, keeping up to date on new policies or doing background/extra reading. Expand your knowledge. 

Reading is a great escape from reality and a great way to keep your mind subdued while you try and sort your life out and save for travelling. Pick books that excite you, books with characters you can relate to. One of my favourite authors of the moment is Jill Mansell, maybe check out some of her books.

What are your tips for getting out of your comfort zone?

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Lush Cosmetics || Blackberry Bath Bomb Review

I recently made my first Lush Cosmetics purchase when I headed over to Brighton at the beginning of April, instore I met Matt who directed me to his favourite Bath Bomb - Blackberry which I fell in love with due to it's simplicity and beautiful smell.

The Lush Cosmetics Blackberry bath bomb is simple, no fancy colours, just purple fizz that gives of a subtle scent of blackberry. I had a bath with this bath bomb just before bed and I had one of the best sleeps ever, it sent me off to sleep straight away and I woke up still smelling of blackberry the next day.
Rate: 9/10

You can read all about what I did in Brighton here.

Have you tried the Lush Blackberry bath bomb? 
What did you think?

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Brighton || Exploring

I've always wanted to visit Brighton, I had seen hundreds of beautiful photos of the pier, the unique shops and the beach. On April the 5th I had the opportunity to explore Brighton with a friend who lived near by so I had a great tour of Brighton and this is what I did.

Driving from Rottingdean (the hotel) to Brighton was awesome, with a beautiful view of the sea and Brighton Marina. I'd picked the perfect time to visit Brighton as the weather was beautiful. First off we went to buy me a new memory card because I left mine in my laptop at home (well done ffi).

We then walked along the beach toward the pier. I genuinely couldn't believe how breathtaking the area was, I felt like I was in a film. The pier was the main thing I wanted to see, so we walked along the pier taking in the clear blue water and looking back at all the little people on the beach.

We went on a couple of fun fair rides to take full advantage of the pier experience before heading over to The Brighton Wheel! 

The view from the wheel was breathtaking.

We then headed over to the lanes via the Pavillion which was beautiful. I took some OOTD photos which you can see here.

I definitely feel like I nailed this photo opportunity of this squirrel. Spring is here folks, this proves it.
We then headed to Bill's for lunch, I've never been to Bills before so this was a first, you can check out my Bill's review here.

On my way to the lanes, I saw this really awesome street art which I had to take a picture of (obviously). 

After a little stop at Ben's Cookies we then headed to Lush where my friend persuaded me to buy my first ever Lush product and with help from Matt who works at Lush Brighton I purchased four bath bombs.

That's what I got up to in Brighton! I'm hoping to go back in the near future and take a close look at the lanes and the chocolate place that does sculptures.

Anything else I should put on my Brighton list?

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