Thursday, 30 April 2015

April || Catch Up

I can't believe this month has passed so quickly! Unfortunately as the month went on my mood and motivation dipped but here's what I got up to

On the 4th of April I took a four hour drive to Rottingdean where I'd spend the evening walking up and down the beach. On the 5th of April I drove from Rottingdean across to Brighton where I had the most amazing time exploring. Read about what I wore, what I ate and what I did.

Whilst in Brighton I made my FIRST EVER Lush Cosmetics purchase...which meant I got to spend the majority of April playing around with my new bath bombs.

What could be more fun than taking your sixteen year old sister for her first food shop and letting her have all the responsibility while you just watch. (I'm evil, I know)

After a really bad couple of days mid April I had a day to myself where I ate pizza and started a diary.

Exams start for me in May so obviously April consisted of a little studying, not as much as I would have hoped for though. Motivation was low.

After my first purchases at the beginning of the month I asked my sister to pick up something for my skin and this is what she came home with. So far so good.

Food with friends has got to lift your spirit when your feeling low right? Except when you wait an hour and a half for food, when it arrives it's wrong....and the dessert that you get free is stale.

Thanks to George at Asda I got lots of new things for spring! There's a post to come soooooon! 

I got back on a horse for the first time in awhile, if you follow my blog on Snapchat then you'll have seen the clips.

I think I've got a new signature look and it involves fake eye lashes on the end of my eyes, still looks natural but my eyes look so much wider!

And if we're not already friends on snapchat then get to it!

And finally at the end of April I attended #PamperAtTheManor a blogger event at The Celtic Manor which was awesome!

And at 2:30am the next day I was on a bus on my way to get my visa in London! Which I got! YAY!


Person Of Interest (TV Show)
After finishing Person Of Interest at the beginning of the month I've decided to include it in this month catch up because I've spent the rest of the month re watching every episode....twice. If you haven't seen POI then I dare you to watch 5 episodes and if you're not totally obsessed I'll eat my top.

Fish (Food)
I've been eating so much fish lately, especially the inspirations from Birds Eye, they are delicious pieces of meat in different flavoured sauces!

Chicken (Food)
Mum's been getting fresh chicken from a friend who lives near a butcher who makes the most amazing chicken and adds the most divine sauces. I've been pairing the chicken and the fish with salad and rice on my journey to loose weight.

Facebook (Social Media )
My blog now has a facebook page and I'm really enjoying using it!

Snapchat (Social Media)
Another great way I get to connect with you guys!

Apple Juice (Drink)
Last month it was cranberry juice, this month it's apple juice.

Lush Bath Bombs (Product)
I had never tried Lush Cosmetics before this month but I got four bath bombs in Brighton and I think I'm in love. I also love the Lush face mask I got!

This months posts: OOTD || Bill's Review || The White Horse Review || Exploring Brighton || Blackberry Bath Bomb Review || Get Out of Your Comfort Zone || Twitter Chats || #HillarysCrafternoon

What's the most exciting thing that happened to you this month?


  1. Sounds like you had a nice month. Sorry to hear your motivation was low though! Best of luck in your exams next month I'm sure you'll be fine :) I'm definitely going to add you on Snapchat now. Favorite app ever haha x Sinead -

    1. Hey Sinead! I did have a lovely month except for the lack of revision! Feel free to add me!

  2. Looks like you had a fun month, still can't believe aprils nearly over! Good luck with your exams! xo

    1. Hi Lauren! I feel like the months are flying by right now! Thanks for sending luck!

  3. I've got the same journal =] love this post

    1. I really tried to get into journalling but I'm really struggling to make it a regular thing!

  4. Well your April is looking fun!
    I know, same here with the whole lack of motivation to study for my exams! I don't know why and this is my last round so I should actually be studying really hard to make it and finish school.
    Oh and I think it's great that you started a diary! I love journaling so I'm really excited for you !
    Good luck with your exams!
    Jade x

    1. Hi Jade! Thanks for your lovely comment! Yeah it's my last round of exams for college too but it doesn't seem to be making much of a difference at the moment! I am really trying with the diary but can't seem to be doing a regular thing of it!


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