Thursday, 16 April 2015

Brighton || The White Horse Hotel Review

On the 4th of April I embarked on a four hour drive. I'd booked a hotel in Rottingdean on the sea front for my visit called The White Horse, which was beautifully located on the sea front and only a short drive away from Brighton.

The White Horse Hotel was a hotel I came across online the first thing I noticed was the location, on the doorstep was the beach which was absolutely beautiful. First impressions the hotel was better than expected after paying £65.00 for the night I wasn't expecting anything more than a room but the staff at the front desk were lovely and helpful and the room was spacious and old style which I really liked. Everything worked inside the room, nothing looked out of place and it was cleaned well.
The only thing that could have been a problem is the fact when I booked it specified a DVD player but when I arrived there was no DVD player.

The White Horse Hotel also has a restaurant attached so after a little walk around Rottingdean I decided to give the hotels restaurant a try. It was really busy which was understandable however we were ignored by many of the staff while waiting to be sat.While waiting I observed the staff, as a waitress myself I can sympathise when a restaurant is short staffed which they obviously were however no one seemed to be 'managing' the staff. At one point I felt like clearing the tables myself. Eventually someone came over hesitant to give us a table even though there was one right in front of us, after some uming and arghing the waitress eventually sat us down and gave us menus. We sat for awhile and observed, chose what to eat and then wondered if it was table service or if we had to order at the bar, so we went to the bar. When we were finally noticed we were told to go back to the restaurant so someone could take our order at the table, at this point I was well and truly confused.
Eventually a lady with short blonde hair in a pink shirt approached us and took our order, I assumed this was the manager.
Sooo after all the above I'm so glad the food was good and outshone the terrible beginning to our meal.

I had the Ham Hock Hash, while my friend had the Welsh Rarebit with mushrooms. Both were amazingly delicious. We both then had the Lamb Shank with yorshire pudding, roast potatoes and pigs in blankets, This was also pretty delicious. All in all the food more than made up for the poor service at the beginning, the service vastly improved throughout our meal too!

After dinner I went for a walk along the beach just as the sun was setting and it was beautiful.

The evening was very chilled and I watched a film on my tablet before having a lovely restful nights sleep. 

In the morning I had breakfast at the hotel, I was amazed to find out that cooked breakfast was included in the price and I enjoyed my cooked breakfast taking in the view of the sea.

*Find out what I'm wearing here.

All in all it was a decent beginning to my two days in Brighton.
Rating: Hotel 4/5, Restaurant 3/5

Have you stayed here?
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  1. I live just outside of Brighton (about a 10 minute drive) - I'm glad you enjoyed your trip :) even if some parts of your meal weren't the best!

    Lauren x

    1. Hi Lauren!
      Thanks for reading honey! You're soooo lucky to only live ten minutes outside of Brighton.

      Ffi x

  2. Pretty pictures =] Love the dress

    1. Hi Emyii!
      Glad you liked the pictures sweetie! I know I love the dress!

      Ffi x

  3. You looked like an absolute angel love your outfit and so glad you visited brighton even though I wish you'd had a 10/10 experience! xx

    1. Hi Jessica,
      awww thanks sooo much! It was pretty awesome either way!

      Ffi x


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