Tuesday, 19 May 2015

How To || Spring Cleaning with George at Asda*

Everybody hates cleaning right? Except after it's done. When it comes to spring cleaning I feel like we get a little bit more excited about cleaning, well I do anyway. The thought of summer on it's way makes me want to make sure everything is clean and tidy.

1. Pick up!
First off pick up anything off the floor you want to keep and put it in it's place. One way I make this a whole lot easier is to brush everything into a pile in the middle and pick out anything I want to keep and bag anything I want to bin.

So now you've got a clean floor...

2. Tables, drawers and other surfaces
Do something similar with the other surfaces. Tidy the top by finding a place for the items and bin anything you don't need or don't want.

3. Polish and Wipe
Wipe down the surfaces and polish the wood. Dusting the ceiling, lights and corners of the rooms is also necessary if you haven't done it in awhile, get rid of the spiders and cobwebs.

4. Hoover and Sweep
Your floor should be clear and any dust or little bits off your surfaces should now lie on the floor, take your hoover or brush and clean the floor. If it's tiled then to make it extra clean mop the floor to, you can always tell when a floor has been mopped it looks so much cleaner.

5. Windows
Windows are something we rarely clean in my house except when it's coming up to summer. Get some warm water and a cloth and wipe down the windows inside and out.

6. If you have some extra time you could go through some of your belongings, clothes, kids toys, kitchen ware and create three piles. One pile for the skip, another to send to charity and one pile to keep. This helps clear out any rubbish or any items you no longer want/use whilst also helping someone else by giving these things to charity.

Have you started spring cleaning yet?


  1. I need to start this soon. I always find the 3 piles technique you mentioned useful - I always forget how much time I end up accumulating over the months. - Tasha

  2. I wish I was as enthusiastic about cleaning...fancy coming to do my house? Haha! (;


  3. "Everybody hates cleaning right? Except after it's done" <- so true!! I feel so much better after cleaning (especially the bedroom). The amount of clutter we accumulate is unbelievable! We cleared all the surfaces last week and already they're covered again. I think part of this is due to having a toddler but mostly it's due to me being a hoarder!

  4. I havent started yet and im not looking forward to it, i have far too much stuff and no room to put it anywhere.


  5. Spring cleaning for me is every Sunday hahah xxx



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