Sunday, 3 May 2015

MAY Advertisers

I am VERY excited to announce my first four advertisers ever! I've finally decided to offer advertising after I noticed consistent growth in my blog through page views and followers!

Here are my four beautiful ladies for May!

Inside Lauras Head
Inside Laura's Head is a Lifestyle blog that covers all sorts; from Polish to Politics, Makeup to Mental Health, Food to Fashion and everything in between. Starting out life as a Beauty blog, Laura has been branching out to include posts on travel, cooking, opinion pieces and even the odd post about what she gets up to in her day job as a Trade Union Official. Coming up are posts on her two weeks in Cuba in 2011, her makeup storage system and some yummy biscuits and buns.

Hi I'm Emma, a 32 year old red-head and lover of shoes, food and shopping. Like most girls, I have struggled with my weight and love of food for my entire teenage and adult life, with the food always winning the battle over being skinny! After countless of failed attempts to lose weight, I've finally realised that the best way is to have a healthy lifestyle of eating clean and regular exercise. Join me and my love/hate relationship with my scales as I battle with my junk food addiction and work towards becoming a healthier person, inside and out whilst following the principles of eating clean.

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The Birds and Butterflies
I'm Jessica, just a normal student writing a blog in my spare time! My blog is a little bit of everything really. I mostly like to cover beauty related things, but I often stray into lifestyle and fashion. I'd love for you all to check out my blog! 

Suggestive Digestive
I'm Kitty, a 26-year-old Lifestyle blogger from Manchester. I love travel, blues music and dogs! Over at the Suggestive Digestive blog I write about fashion and (cruelty free) Beauty, recipes, road trips and running and everything in between! Read this month to find out about my road trip across the Deep South from Houston to Atlanta and everything the dirty south has to offer - from blues and BBQ to Civil Rights!

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Take a look at all my May advertisers, you may not have come accross their blogs before!

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