Saturday, 16 May 2015

An American in Wales || Day 2 Cardiff & The Bay

Yesterday (Day 2) was definitely one of the busiest days I've had in a long time! First off we hit Cardiff Castle, which is always a fun walk around, I especially love the ceilings in the house with all the beautiful patterns on. It was a lovely day so we were able to walk around without getting soaked and got some really lovely pictures.

After we'd done the Castle we were really hungry so the plan was to go down to Cardiff Bay and eat there before catching a boat ride around the bay. We got lost a few times, drove into John Lewis accidently and then had to drive straight back out which was a little awkward but we finally got there in the end, walking down towards the front of the Bay where all the restaurants are we heard a man on a microphone, he came over to chat to us about the boat ride he runs around the bay with commentary, I didn't catch his name but the boats name was Daffodil and for £3 on an open boat we couldn't say no! It was a beautiful 20 minute trip around the Bay where the guy gave us lots of history and we took lots of photos of birds and buildings.

After the boat ride we proceeded to find somewhere to eat and after looking around we decided on Weatherspoons, you can't go wrong with Weatherspoons! And we sat on the beautiful balcony looking out at the Bay, getting sun burnt (we were not prepared) Lunch was divine, but we kept a little gap for dessert at Cadwalers, where we had beautiful ice cream sundays. I had the Mint Choco Chip Explosion and so did Rhian, while Christine had then Strawberry Waffle Cone, which looked divine.

We headed home after we had finished, we were all exhausted and full, but unfortunately and to my surprise we hit lots and lots of traffic on the way home, so while Christine napped in the back and Rhian daydreamed I took us home one mph every few minutes, which sucked.

We arrived home where mum way cooking a traditional beef roast dinner but we were so full we decided to take a nap first and eat around 7:30pm, which we did. Mum and Christine discussed politics and the differences between the healthcare systems and the UK welfare state. After dinner we settled down for the evening and watched 2012.

Christine says:

Cardiff Castle was spectacular - I'm such a history nerd, so I had a great time wondering around with Ffion and Rhian. The grounds are beautifully kept and I was pleasantly surprised that we were able to see so much of the inside of the castle.

Cardiff Bay is gorgeous. On the day that we went, the sky and water were both a brilliant blue! Our Capitan abroad the Daffodil was hilarious and informative. He poked fun at me because I'm from America, but it turns out that his sister is there as well. 

Anyway, Ffion had been moaning about how hungry she was, so we went straight to lunch after the boat ride! We sat outside at Weatherspoons (I actually got a bit sunburnt) and I had a delicious meal of fish and chips.

I don't quite remember the ride back cause I was napping and Ffion had worn us all out haha

That night I had a proper Welsh dinner and it was great! And actually surprisingly American and familiar. After the long day I was happy to stay home and relax. Ffion's mom is absolutely lovely and we all had a wonderfully chill night together!

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