Saturday, 16 May 2015

An American in Wales || Day 3 Cosy Club Cardiff & A Night Out

By Day 3 (Wednesday) we were both completely exhausted so a lie in was lonnnnnnng overdue! Plan A was to head down to mumbles Swansea and have a walk around before eating lunch but unfortunately due to the crappy welsh weather we had to go with Plan B which was lunch in Cardiff. I chose the Cosy Club because of it's unique decor and the yummy food.
We picked up my friends who were yet to meet Christine around noon and the five of us headed down to Cardiff.

On arrival I was soooo thrilled that everyone was enchanted by the quirky and unique decor. We were taken to our table where we all ignored eachother in order to focus on the menus (we were all grumpy and hungry). After ordering drinks and food it was lovely to see everyone relax and start to socialise. I had invited some of my friends who were yet to meet, so it was a chance for my college friends to meet my work friends and a chance for my work friends to meet my school friends and of course an opportunity to meet more friendly welsh people. Food was good and service was shocking as per usual and after our meal we settled down for a game of scrabble, some cocktails and dessert.

After dropping everyone off home safely myself and Christine took a serious nap. I got up first and started getting ready for the night ahead, Christine was going to have her first night out in Europe! Jetlag hit Christine like a bus so we were pretty late leaving my house and arriving at Cardiff around 10:45pm but everyone was buzzing and extremely excited for the night ahead. We hit Live Lounge, Walkabout and the Glam before heading to McDonalds and then heading home, which we arrived at at 4am.

Yesterday was great! It was so nice to meet Ffion's friends- they're quite a diverse bunch, but each uniquely lovely! We were STARVING when we got to Cosy Club. It was kind of funny actually because none of us were concerned with socializing or talking until after we had some food in our systems. Once our starters and drinks arrived though, we all loosened up a bit! We played a game of scrabble (I won hehehe) and it was so much fun! 

When we got back, I crashed. Hard. I slept so well and when Ffion was finally able to get me up, I was groggy and she had already gone to pick up one of her friends that was going out with us! Her mom sent up a tray with food and coffee which was all the encouragement I needed to get going. After we were all ready, we picked up the rest of the crew and headed to down town Cardiff. I think of all the places we went, the first, Live Lounge, was my favorite. The music was well known and everyone sang along. The next club was HUGE. If there's anything I learned from my night out, it's that Cardiff goes hard when it comes to night life and spares no expense. 

After we left, I broke my rule of no American food when we went to the MacDonald's. By the time we arrived home, we were both exhausted. After a quick video call home (where it was 11pm), I fell asleep straight away. 

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day, you girls all look absolutely fab!! x


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