Sunday, 17 May 2015

An American in Wales || Day 5 Final Day Pitch Perfect 2 and Goodbyes

So the dreaded day has finally arrived, Christine's last day in Wales with me and my family! I can't believe the last five days have gone so quickly and they've been so much fun. It's been a dream to re kindle my friendship with someone I never thought I'd see again and now while she sits next to me while I type out this final post I feel like we've bonded and will continue to be friends long after she's left. There are even plans for me to visit Christine in North Carolina at some point in the next year and I'm so excited (stay tuned for 'A Welsh Girl in Carolina' maybe?). I've found and made a friend for life, it's going to be terribly difficult to say goodbye early tomorrow morning but we've had a blast. From eating out at a posh-ish restaurant, touring Cardiff Castle, taking a boat ride on Cardiff Bay, having a night out in Cardiff, climbing the biggest mountain in South Wales to cuddling up and eating pizza this has been the busiest time of my life and I've loved every minute of it.

Christine says:
Ahh I've been dreading this day since the moment I arrived! Ffion is one of my dearest, most genuine, and fiercest friends. I am so grateful to have her in my life! Throughout our adventures in America and our explorations here in Wales, she has proven to be incredibly loyal, supportive, hilarious, resourceful, and an excellent tour guide as well! The highlight of my time with her is definitely climbing Penyfan with her mom- not only were the views stunning, but the conversation amongst us women was sensational, as well as the sense of satisfaction when we finally (and slowly) reached the top. I would be more say to say goodbye tomorrow, except that I know that it's not really 'goodbye', but rather, 'see ya later'! Until next time y'all!

You can follow Christine around Wales and Europe by following her on Instagram here.

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  1. I'll definitely be following her Instagram travels! Aww, I loved this; such an obvious strong and lovely bond between you two! And I thought it was so sweet you included her words too!
    Jemma xx


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