Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Beauty Crowd || Summer Makeover

*warning, pictures of me without make up*
I was kindly asked to go down to Beauty Crowd in Cardiff so they could do a complete makeover on my face, very similar to the one I did with e.l.f Christmas time. 

The theme for this makeover was summer. Lots of beautiful shimmery pinks. I really liked the colours used.
However I felt there was too much going on with a little too much eye liner.

During this makeover I got to see some of the products they've got in store! There are so many products in store right now! I picked up a couple of brushes and a BeeGood cream cleanser! Thanks to Hanne for recommending it to me! I'm excited to try it and review it.

Have you tried bought anything from Beauty Crowd yet?


  1. You look lush! I'll have to make a trip into Beauty Crowd when I'm next in Cardiff! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. I love this make up look! I have bought four things from Beauty Crowd actually, 3 lipsticks and a lip pencil there gorgeous!! ☺️

  3. you look lovely! xo

  4. Oh wow you look fab! Did you enjoy the makeover?

  5. Stunning! :)


  6. You look pretty :D maybe it's too much for you because maybe you're not used to putting that much eyeliner on yourself but I honestly think that it looks really nice and simple. Girl, you're glowing :D x
    Jade x


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