Thursday, 4 June 2015

The Purple Lipstick Edit.

Purple Lipstick Edit

Hello lovely readers of a South Wales Blog, it's Olivia here from Dungarees & Donuts as Ffion is super busy with her exams, which I hope she does fabulous in by the way, I am here with a little guest post, with my recent found love for purple lipstick!

I haven't always liked purple lipstick I've always gone for Pink and Reds over any darker colours, but after trying a gorgeous purple by GOSH, I decided it was time to branch out my purple collection. I first went for the Herione lipstick by MAC which is a deep matte purple and it cost £15.50 and then the Makeup Revolution Lipstick in the shade in depraved which is a creamy formula costing only £1.00. Although these lipsticks both have different qualities about them that I love.

MAC Herione: This is a lipstick that I have been lusting after for so long but never known if I would be able to pull it off, I finally bit the bullet and went for it and I am so glad I did. I feel like it's the perfect shade when you are going for a 'darker' day or even on a night out. It gives you that feel of sophistication and also passes the many drink test and stays firm, although it does need to be reapplied to stay it's full fabulous colour! I didn't used to be a fan of matte lipsticks but recently I prefer them over any other so this formula is great I think this lipstick suits my personality perfectly and looks great with darker eyes. If you are looking for a matte purple lipstick anytime soon check this one out for sure!

Makeup Revolution Depraved: It's only been very recently that I've expanded my lipstick collection to include some beauties from Makeup Revolution, although they are only a £1 I waited until they were in a local Superdrug to see which colours I wanted. I went for this purple because it's super bright and perfect for Spring Summer. I love the creamy formula which this lipstick has, as it looks fabulous and even smells nice too! The only problem I have with this lipstick is how long it stays put on your lips, I feel like it fades quickly and needs reapplying a fair bit. But for a £1 can I really argue with that? I love the packaging that it's simple and looks simplistic.

Do you like purple lipstick? 

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  1. I have been crazy about MAC Rebel, unfortunately I still haven't buy it. Also, there is an amazing Beauty UK purple lipstick (plumalicious 17) that I absolutely adore. :)

  2. I saw the title of this post and was like "THIS IS MY KIND OF POST!" I have soo many purple lipsticks, I think it's becoming a problem, haha! Great post Olivia xx
    Sarah | The Girl with the Winged Liner

  3. There's a great purple by Covergirl called "Divine" - it's got just enough pink in it that it doesn't look too crazy. I think it's a great "starter" purple lipstick.

  4. I really want Mac Heroine, it's such a lovely shade! I also love MUR lipsticks, they aren't so longlasting but for £1 they're a bargain.
    -- / / x

  5. I really like the MUA lipsticks. They're super cheap and great for a quick trip to the shops. Not longlasting but they're worth investing in x

  6. I really like the MUA lipsticks. They're super cheap and great for a quick trip to the shops. Not longlasting but they're worth investing in x


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