Wednesday, 3 June 2015

#WomanPowerWednesday || Being your own hero

I recently read a post from Catsello which she shared on the #WomanPowerWednesday Facebook group, it was all about how to be your own inspiration, you can read it here. It's a beautiful post on how to be your own inspiration, I don't want to copy that post instead I want to share with you my experience of being your own inspiration, however I would go as far to say I am my own hero. I wasn't always like this, I wasn't always this person you guys read about on this blog.

Who I Was.
Growing up, like most kids all I wanted to do was be that 'popular girl' the pretty one who everyone wanted to be best friends with and which every guy wanted to date. I used to try extremely hard to copy their looks, their behaviour and their attitude. From primary school to secondary school I didn't care about anything else than being that other person. I didn't like myself and I sure as hell didn't respect myself. When I realised being the 'popular girl' was unobtainable I turned my attention to the opposite sex and getting their attention. From the age of 14 to 17 I don't think I was ever out of a relationship for more than two months, my whole life revolved around male attention. 17 year old me isn't that long ago, just over two years ago now but in that time I have changed dramatically. Now this could be something every girl goes through, you tell me. It makes me nauseas to think of the teen that I was.

Who I Am.
In the present day I couldn't be more different than Who I Was. I stopped caring about what people thought, that was my first hurdle. I realised that when you think someones looking at you and thinking something awful 9/10 times their admiring your necklace, your hair or your shoes. After I stopped caring what people thought I cleared out my friends list, I felt like it was something that needed to be done. I cut out anyone who I didn't want or need in my life, I was left with very little friends but my shoulders felt lighter and I was happier. And finally in August '14 I learnt what feminism meant, I found out it existed and  I labelled myself a feminist, I stopped dating and I prioritised myself and my family. It took me almost two years after turing 17 to finally take the leap and stand completely alone, no relationship, just me. I am developing into a strong independent woman.

I am proud to say I am my own hero, I'm proud to be the young woman I am today and I look forward to the future where I will continue to fight, encourage, inspire and push myself. Some things that I've proved to myself are that I can be independent, after all I did travel to America solo, I can do things that scare me, like walking down a catwalk in a leotard and most of all I can love myself even if I'm not the 'popular girl' or the prettiest girl, or the most intelligent girl. What makes me special is my quirky bits and features that make me stand out like my hair and my wonky teeth. Today I can't imagine being anyone else except me, I've accepted myself for who I am and I'm a better person for it.

Ladies, I urge you to look at yourself in this way! 
What have you done lately that's made you proud? Do you inspire yourself? Are you your own hero? Because you should be!


  1. Great post glad your in a happy place now! xo

  2. I love this post!! :) I was the same with male attention for ages, we are taught that it give women meaning but it only does that when we have our own lives to go with it.

    I love this idea!

    Kay xx

  3. This is such a great and important post. You are amazing and definitely deserve to be your own hero. It took me a long time to be happy with myself and I think Im still learning but I am definitely proud of myself and who I am as a person.
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise


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