Sunday, 19 July 2015

Camp America || Week 3

Have you been out in the sun this summer?

Camp America || Week 2

I'm sorry I haven't been updating my blog as much as usual but settling into a new country and a new work routine has been pretty hectic, plus the blogger app on my phone stopped updating my posts.

This is what I got up to on the second week of Camp!

I made friends with a super friendly bird.

Who sat on my head for ten minutes while I walked around sorting barn stuff out.

Me and some of the girls went on a trail ride to de stress and had lots of fun with the girls.

We made more little friends, there are three small snakes that live outside our front door.

Lessons proceeded to get better and better. Kids started to accomplish their goals and it was so rewarding to see.

Devan and I took an evening away from the Ranch to go swimming in the lake with her dog. 

I got a card from Christine the lovely lady in my 'An American in Wales' series. I'm visiting her after Camp too.

And then Fourth of July was upon us and Camp did a firework display.

What have you been up to this summer?

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Beauty || Bell Cosmetics*

Recently this blog has dived into doing beauty reviews head first and I'm back again with another review for you of a set of Bell Cosmetics kindly sent over to me from Beauty Crowd.

The first product I tried out is the make up base. I've tried primers before, I find them very heavy, however this is more like a cream, it makes a nice clean base, it soaks in and it's not to heavy.

The second product I tried was the BB Cream. This I think was the lightest shade but even that was too dark for my milk shade skin. So I mixed it a little with my normal foundation and I got a couple of compliments about having healthy looking skin.

Eye primer was next on the list, I've never really used eye primer or seen the point but when I got this I wanted to make an effort to try it out, so first off I used it on its own. It lightened my lids and it made me look more awake. I started using it more regularly. I use pretty cheap eyeshadow which isn't the best so I thought I'd see if this primer could prolong the colour on my lids. I thought the colours looked better but I don't think the eyeshadow lasted any longer.

The powder was a wonderful light colour. Perfect for my light shade skin, it looked a little too light at first but patting it down on my skin it seemed to lock in my foundation without leaving my skin looking dry. I like this powder but it seemed to go extremely quickly.

Finally to my favourite product of all! The mascara. We all know as a ginger eyelashes are non existent without mascara, this one is by far my favourite. I curl my lashes first and then put a base coat of Seventeen Falsifeye HD mascara to spread out the lashes, with two top coats of this Bell mascara. It does wonders for lengthening the lashes, the picture below speaks for itself.

You can see the makeover Beauty Crowd did on me for Summer here.

Have you ever tried Bell Cosmetics?

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Beauty || Barbara Hofmann Make Up Brushes

Last month (June) I took a trip in Cardiff to visit the lovely ladies at Beauty Crowd where they did a make over on me, you can see it here. Whilst I was there these Barbara Hofmann brushes caught my eye, the foundation brush was a good shape for buffing and blending and the powder brush was nice and fluffy so I thought I'd give them a go.

Foundation Brush (£12.95)
I've been using this brush to apply my foundation for over a month, the bristles are still in tact, they haven't fallen out or changed shape. It's really good for evenly spreading my foundation and buffing in my liquid contour. Before this brush I was using a similar MAC brush but I find this one works better.

Powder Brush (£9.95)
This brush is lovely and soft, it applies evenly and doesn't pick up foundation. I feel like it's an average powder brush, nothing special just soft.

Have you tried Barbara Hofmann brushes? Would you try them?

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Camp America || Week 1

I apologise, this is an awfully late post but things have been hectic and the wifi isn't exactly great up here in the middle of no where. Week 1 was everything I didn't expect it to be it was isolated, stressful and hard work. We had lots of things to do and we were (and still are) short staffed. We set up the barn, we attended a 'speed dating' social, we had lunch on the lake where we met some lovely people and we rode the horses.

It's completely different to what I expected it to be like, I thought we'd be more involved in Camp and camp life, I thought we'd have more free time, more breaks and I also thought we'd have food in camp. We're isolated from the camps, there's three camps and we're in the middle (a drive) of the two smaller camps where we alternate between them for meals, when we have time to get to meals. We do have some opportunities to get more involved with camp but after a full day of lessons, caring for the horses and planning the next day we're usually to exhausted to go, or we're late.

Week 2 should be up Tuesday, I'll link it here when I put it up.

What have you been up to this summer?

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