Thursday, 9 July 2015

Beauty || Bell Cosmetics*

Recently this blog has dived into doing beauty reviews head first and I'm back again with another review for you of a set of Bell Cosmetics kindly sent over to me from Beauty Crowd.

The first product I tried out is the make up base. I've tried primers before, I find them very heavy, however this is more like a cream, it makes a nice clean base, it soaks in and it's not to heavy.

The second product I tried was the BB Cream. This I think was the lightest shade but even that was too dark for my milk shade skin. So I mixed it a little with my normal foundation and I got a couple of compliments about having healthy looking skin.

Eye primer was next on the list, I've never really used eye primer or seen the point but when I got this I wanted to make an effort to try it out, so first off I used it on its own. It lightened my lids and it made me look more awake. I started using it more regularly. I use pretty cheap eyeshadow which isn't the best so I thought I'd see if this primer could prolong the colour on my lids. I thought the colours looked better but I don't think the eyeshadow lasted any longer.

The powder was a wonderful light colour. Perfect for my light shade skin, it looked a little too light at first but patting it down on my skin it seemed to lock in my foundation without leaving my skin looking dry. I like this powder but it seemed to go extremely quickly.

Finally to my favourite product of all! The mascara. We all know as a ginger eyelashes are non existent without mascara, this one is by far my favourite. I curl my lashes first and then put a base coat of Seventeen Falsifeye HD mascara to spread out the lashes, with two top coats of this Bell mascara. It does wonders for lengthening the lashes, the picture below speaks for itself.

You can see the makeover Beauty Crowd did on me for Summer here.

Have you ever tried Bell Cosmetics?

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