Friday, 27 November 2015

How To Share A Bed*

I don’t know about you but my bed is my sacred place, a place to nap, gather my thoughts, eat my weight in food behind closed doors, cuddle with my cat and binge on Netflix when I should be revising for exams. Now why would I want to share any of those things with another person? Why would anyone want to share those things with another person? Apparently you do… recently surveyed 2,000 Brits and asked them to share their number 1 pet peeve when sharing a bed with a partner. Apparently 6% of the nation find their partner's desire to 'cuddle whilst sleeping' an annoyance? Similarly, that only 21% find 'stealing the duvet' to be their top pet hate.
And to my surprise those at shared with me that there are an increasing number of happy couples are deciding to sleep separately? Something I was unaware of.

I love sleep and therefore was interested when I found this infographic on How To Share A Bed, not currently sharing a bed with anyone I have logged this for future reference, take a little look, you may be surprised.

What are your pet peeves for sharing a bed with someone?

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