Monday, 21 December 2015

Driving home for Christmas featuring

A couple of years ago, on Christmas Eve I was cleaning tables in work when I caught a glance out the window, it was snowing. I work in the middle of no where so when we see snow we panic, everyone panics, staff and guests. I had a few more hours left on my shift so I put it to the back of my mind. Four hours later I said goodbye to everyone and left the restaurant with one of the girls, the snow was deep and I was slipping and sliding everywhere in my flat shoes. I got in the car anyway and started her up, slowly pulling out of the car park into the road, the snow was still coming down pretty heavy and I realised that this could have been an incredibly silly mistake, but hey, who wants to sleep at work?
I started slowly down the road headed home, I'm glad there was no one else on the road as I don't know what was going on underneath me which got me thinking about my tyres. I'm rubbish at car care, right now the red oil button is flashing on my dashboard, my battery button is also flashing and I'm missing two front wheel trims. Perhaps a new years resolution for me could be to improve my car care.

About halfway down the road I was unable to see out of the windscreen, wanting to just get home my passenger stuck her head out of the window and we somehow made it home in one piece. I'm crossing my fingers I won't have to go through a similar experience this year.

4 Tyre Safety Tips

If you've got new tyres then think about running your tyres in, to do this drive your first 150 to 200 miles at medium speed on dry roads.
It is also important that you check your tyre tread regularly, the bigger the tyre tread the more grip you have on the road.
Another thing to keep in mind is tyre pressure as air escapes regularly from the tyres it is important to check on them regularly. 

Point S have some excellent advice for tyre safety and other useful articles about changing a tyre if you could check it out.

Check out the Point S website has a wide variety of car tyres in all sizes and from all the top brands available at the best prices, so that the buyers can check them out and book car tyres online along with tyre fitting appointment at a time of their convenience from their nearest Point S depot.

Friday, 11 December 2015

How to decorate your bedroom for Christmas

Decorating the bedroom ready for Christmas*

Christmas is on it’s way and everyone’s starting to put their trees and decorations up in their homes. We always make sure to decorate the downstairs but what about the upstairs? What about your bedroom? Let’s not neglect our special rooms.

Here are my top 5 tips for decorating your bedroom!

1. Windows
Windows are one of the easiest things to decorate in your bedroom, every Christmas I get some stick on snow and cover my windows, it looks fantastic (and will disguise any dirt you haven’t been bothered to clean off) you can do this in all rooms in your house but personally I like waking up in the morning and being reminded christmas is almost here waking up with (fake) snow on my window. You can also think about swapping curtains to something a little more christmassy I would recommend checking out Yorkshire Linen.

2. Windowsill
Windowsills can also be decorated in the lead up to Christmas, if you’re religious you could use some small ornaments to create a Nativity scene, or if you’re looking for something different there are lots of Santa, reindeer and north pole ornaments out there where you could create your own little north pole scene, stock up on cotton wool. This was my attempt last year, however I'm hoping to be a little more creative this year!

3. Bed
I love my bed, I love buying new duvet covers and do so every couple of months when I fancy a change, some of my favourite purchases have been from the George at Home range however when I’m looking for something a little more festive I turn to Yorkshire Linen who have a wide variety of festive duvet covers at fantastic prices starting at £9.99!

4. Pillows
Now I’m not talking about your average pillows, I’m talking about the ‘feature’ cushions we put on or bed to make it look pretty. A festive duvet set will not look it’s best without a couple of beautiful festive feature cushions, not only are they uber comfy to lean on when you’re watching TV but they make your bed Instagram ready.

5. Candles
And finally is there anything more cosy than a candle burning whilst you watch a Christmas movie, cuddled up in bed with your cat. One of the most popular scents used in our household at this time of year is apple and cinnamon. What’s yours?  

Remember not to leave lit candles unattended! I once the mistake of doing this and came back into the room to watch my cat sit on one, cat on fire is not my favourite scent. 

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